Gaming for the not-so-hardcore gamer

Thursday’s are my free day here on the blog – meaning I don’t have a blog hop I follow.  Last week I had something I’d been itching to talk about for a while, so that was easy.  I thought about not writing anything today, because who will be interested in something I’m not even interested in?  But then I remembered that unspoken “goal” I made back in January to post something every day, and I latched onto the first thing I could think of – gaming.

I’ve always really liked games, but it wasn’t until about six years ago that I was introduced to World of Warcraft.  I realized at the time that playing that particular game, or games like it, is one of those things that you have to do with your family and your loved ones; otherwise, it can really interfere in relationships.  It’s also more fun when you have a group of people you can kill mans with.

I started playing with my ex-boyfriend and we convinced my sister, her husband and her kids to play.  They, in turn, recruited my brother, and we all had a blast for about a year.  When my relationship fell apart, my interest in playing waned as well, and six months later I finally decided to close my account  (who wants to pay $15 a month for something they aren’t using?).

About two months ago, I was at my sister’s house and everyone was trying to make it through a tough battle, but they were having issues.  When they asked for my help, I watched them play for a while and the seed was reborn.  While I couldn’t really help with what they were doing, I remembered how much I loved playing that game!

So, I decided to reactivate my account; which led to the realization that I now need to  update two computers so I can play; because my youngest is also a gamer, and the computer I have is basically his while he’s here.  No one ever said gaming was an inexpensive hobby…

The other thing that I’m finding is that it gives my fiancé time to do things I don’t really like, i.e. watching the news and the current political debacle.  At first, I was really worried that it would come between us; but I think we are both finding more time for things we love now that I am playing.  I think that’s important in a relationship.  Sometimes people give up everything they are and love in order to make the other person happy and I don’t believe that constitutes a healthy relationship.

I realize there is a balance and I don’t play nearly as much as I’d actually like to, which is maybe a good thing.  It’s that thing I look forward to when everything else is done.

What about you?  Do you have games you like to play?

One-Liner Wednesday – Life is Light

“Remember, life is the light, and light is life itself.  They may be exchanged, but nothing is ever lost.” – Prophet Velen, NPC from World of Warcraft

(I’m probably revealing a lot here, but I couldn’t  resist throwing up this quote that I read while completing a quest line in World of Warcraft.  There’s a reason I love playing this game and spend probably way too much time doing it since I started back up again last month.)

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