SoCS – Boom!

One of my favorite expressions lately is “Boom!” But not in the sound-effect way, so does that mean I’m taking it out of the realm of onomatopoeia and turning it into something else? I don’t know, but I can honestly tell you that I’ve thought quite a lot about what to write about today and the only thing that came to mind was this word.

As many of you know, I started a new job in February. It’s been a stressful transition to say the least and I still feel that I’m trying to adjust to a new place, more stress, actually having to work at my day job rather than working for the few hours I had something to do and blogging the rest. My boyfriend always tells me to be careful what I ask for. Turns out, he was right. Apparently, the Universe noticed how much I bitched about how little I actually worked at my last job and here I am with so much to do that my head spins and I come home exhausted, not wanting to do anything at all besides vegetate in front of the TV.

Working with my supervisor, we managed to fulfill a particularly demanding task that I didn’t think was going to happen, so I was actually really excited when we managed to do it. An email went out thanking both of us for what we had done and she forwarded it to me and our manager and all she said in her part of the email was “Boom!”

I actually love this word when it’s used like this. It actually seems to say exactly how it feels to complete a job well done. (I use the word ‘actually’ way too much, but since this is stream of consciousness, I can’t go back and change it. It’s one of the many things I edit out of my writing constantly. It’s like I can’t get my full meaning across unless I add more to it. It’s frustrating, and now you all know…) It’s not even that it was a job well done. It’s more that it was an impossible task and we managed to complete it. So, to that, I say “Boom!” as well.

There must be something in the air today, because I felt like this post was all over the place just like our lovely host, Linda G. Hill, said hers was. You can still join in the chaos by clicking the link. The prompt she gave us for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was to use an onomatopoeia.


Love Is In Da Blog – Loving The Job

I find myself at a loss today. I’m surprised I even opened up the computer to type something up; but here I am, trying to pull off some kind of miracle… I suppose it’s a good time to talk about how much I love my new job, especially since this is the month of love and I’d like to keep it a bit lighter today.

I’m not sure exactly how to do this without some sort of comparison to my last job which would in turn sound not as much like love. My last job wasn’t horrible, necessarily, it was just very different from anything I have had previously. But I can honestly say, at this point, that the environment you work in and the people you work with really do matter to your overall feelings about a job.

I already feel like part of the team and I love my boss. He walks by everyone’s desk every day and asks how things are and if we need anything; I’ve also already received several emails thanking me for the work I’ve done or for helping out. It’s refreshing to be in an environment with such nice people.

I also really like the work I’m doing. It will definitely be more work than I had in my previous job, but I was bored as hell probably 60% of the time over there, so I’m not sad about that. I’m just trying to figure out how to keep everything in my schedule – blogging, exercise, reading, writing, kids, boyfriend… can’t forget about my shows… Anyway, it may sound like a lot, but I feel like there’s plenty of wiggle room; I just need to make the time to do the things I love as well as being busy and fulfilled at work.

That’s about all I have today. I feel so boring…

I guess it’s good to take it down a notch and let things be simple every once in a while.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Love Is In Da Blog

Perfectly Capable

As many of you who read my blog know, my job is coming to an end. As sad as that was a month ago, it’s to the point now where I’m pretty much begging them to let me go. I guess it helps that I have another job lined up that will let me start anytime now. I have my fingers crossed that next week I will be able to say goodbye to current job and hello to shiny new job that I’m really excited about.

As of last Tuesday, I handed over my responsibilities to someone in Michigan and spent this week doing something I know you’ll all be jealous of – boxing up files. It was pretty labor intensive and I spent both Monday and Tuesday after work cuddled on the couch bitching about the myriad aches and pains that come from not just putting files in boxes, but lifting said boxes from one location to another and that sort of thing. I’ll bet you’re all really jealous. I know I would be!

I was talking to a female coworker about it in the break room on Tuesday, thinking I was going to garner some kudos or sympathy or something. What I got instead started me thinking; and when I say thinking, I mean it really made me see red. She asked me why I didn’t ask the IT guy for help. I was still thinking about a response to her comment went she continued by saying that she would have asked him to do it, in what I’m calling a better than thou voice, like she was too good to lift a few boxes or something.

I’ve never been one to ask a guy to lift something for me simply because he’s a guy. What is it about physical labor that some women turn their prissy noses in the air at and run for the nearest man to help them? It drives me nuts. I’m perfectly capable of lifting a few boxes, just like most every other female out there, unless of course you have some condition that limits you in some way. But here’s the thing… men aren’t any more capable of lifting said boxes, and it’s not like it won’t make them sore or hurt their back. It will. Not only that, what if he had other things to do? Do I really just sit around and do nothing waiting for him to find the time to help me? Seriously!

And it’s not just women. Men do it too. They see me carrying boxes and they immediately jump in to help, which is nice, but is it really necessary? Am I sore? Yes. Do I have bruises? Yes. Do I have cuts and scrapes all over my hands? You betcha. But a man isn’t immune to such things simply because he’s a man.

And just in case you’re thinking I’m one of those women who gets pissed when a guy opens a door for me, I’m not. I like it when someone is nice enough to hold open a door for me or help me out when they can see I’m struggling. What I don’t like is turning my nose up at work I am completely capable of doing simply because there’s a man around.

It’s been a tiring week, to say the least, but I’m sitting here on a lovely day off in the middle of the week smelling coffee that I can’t wait to start sipping.

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