#frapalymo Day 9 – Semper Fi!

Semper Fi!

Withered hands… clenched
Empty… frozen… alone
Surrounded by training assembled neatly
…Systematic chaos…
Engulfing darkness closing in on…

Darting… bloodshot eyes
Huddled… huddling… breaking… broken
Bleeding… bloody…
Seeping around the edges of innocence…


Bare… haggard… sunken
Greying around edges of
Sleepless nights turned ashen
Far away dots… illuminating night
Waving flags… losing… bleary…


Marching into the pale…
Melancholic bruising… bruised…
Voluminous clouds… crashing into
Energetic sizzling…

Hoo Rah!

Withered hands… shaking
Warm… safe… more
Surrounded by poignant spaces
…ordered legacy…
Encircling love closing in on…

Vital… stark… stalwart


#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPalchen and translated by Bee on her blog The Bee writes. Yesterday’s prompt was to celebrate every day heroes. I spent the last half of yesterday drugged from having a headache for three days. I couldn’t even think straight, much less write a poem and post it.

So, I am cheating a bit and reposting a poem I wrote last year for my grandpa. What our soldiers endure in battle is so beyond my comprehension; and that they come home and live a full life after what they live through in battle is heroic and amazing. Grandpa, you will always be my hero! (Updated with links)


Death of a Soldier

I wasn’t planning on doing Chuck’s challenge this week, but then Veterans day happened and I was thinking about my Grandpa because he will be at dinner on Thanksgiving Day and I ended up with this little three sentence story.

My Grandfather has seen things in his life that I can’t even imagine going through.  My sister had an opportunity to interview him on camera for her oral history class in college a few years ago and there is a moment on that video when the pain is naked and visible on his face and in his eyes.  After that interview, my Grandmother said he would no longer be talking to any family members about his experiences; it was just too painful.  The man is my hero and I love him.  This one’s for you Grandpa!

Death of a Soldier

His family gathered by his bedside to celebrate his life and to send him on his continuing journey in the next life. As he was drifting away, he let the loving sounds in the room drown out the bombs and screams he still heard when he closed his eyes. He was finally at peace.