Two Things That Bother Me About Goodreads Reviews

I seem to have a reading theme going on here where all I talk about is books and Goodreads. But honestly, I’ve read a lot this month; at least, I’ve read more this month than I’ve read in years. I suppose if you break it down into 4 books in one month, it would be one book a week, which really isn’t all that spectacular, but it’s better than not reading at all and more than most people have read in their life (can you even imagine?), so I’m good!

One of my favorite things to do after reading a book is go onto Goodreads and read a bunch of reviews. I like different perspectives and how others maybe got things out of the book that I didn’t. Now, this might be really weird, but I find I get more out of the two and three stars then I do out of the four or five stars. Four and five and all you see is the usual great, good, fantastic, couldn’t put it down type of comments. Not always, but most of the time. The lower stars sometimes have more insight into the book and the three stars especially will have a mixture of things they liked and things they didn’t.

The two things that bother me about Goodreads reviews:

One – Why the hell does everyone have to re-write the book? I usually have to skip the first two paragraphs because the review re-states the book. It drives me nuts! We have the snippet only a few seconds away and if you’re on a laptop or a computer, it’s at the top of the damn screen! If I’ve already read the book, I definitely don’t need someone else’s synopsis of it, especially a bunch of them. It annoys me to no end! If you do that, I would kindly ask you to please stop. (Maybe this is required for a review of some kind… I don’t know, I’m not a reviewer, but if it’s standard, why? Can’t we just link to the synopsis or something?)

Two – Why are people so mean? I’m not sure I recognized this one until I decided I liked writing and wanted to put a book out there, but I am definitely noticing it now. That book you just tore to shreds is someone’s work; someone spent hours, days, months, years even, writing that book and it is pretty damn scary to share you work with the world. I know everyone has their own opinion and I’m not trying to say you should only have nice ones, but geez, does it have to be so brutal?

My niece is a published author (L.K. Hill, Liesel K Hill). I went to one of her book signings and bought her newest book when it first came out last year. I was pretty excited to read it, but when all was said and done, I didn’t really like the book all that much. It just wasn’t my thing. There were parts that were good and it was good enough to get me to the end, but I’m not really one for historical fiction; it has to have something else to hook me. Anyway, I ended up giving it three stars and talking about the things I didn’t like in my review on Goodreads. But I wasn’t a jerk about it. At least, I don’t think I was. I just stated my opinion, no “this author is horrible; why the hell does she even write” type of stuff.

My boyfriend was pretty shocked that I only gave it three stars, but I told him I would rather someone be honest about what they thought then lie to me, so that’s what I decided to do. Nothing is perfect and in order to get better, we should embrace criticism and look at how to improve (note to self). It wasn’t easy though because she is my family.

But, I think some people go way too far in their negative opinion. How is it helping anyone to be so mean; especially when they make it personal. I don’t know. I guess it kind of makes me rethink my review yesterday, but I don’t think I said anything overtly horrible; just that I don’t like being messed with quite so much and I really want a book to have a better ending than that. It was pretty tame compared to some of the reviews I read this morning.

I realize there might be a fine line because anyone not liking something you write would be very personal to begin with, but I think it can be done in a way that isn’t quite so hurtful.

What do you think?

This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G. Hill. (I’m sad we are almost at the end, but proud to say I only missed one day!)

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