#JustJoJan Day 15 – Justice, sometimes served daily

I don’t know how it happened, but I am all about watching and listening to true crime.  It’s such a weird thing because I used to steer clear of it when I was younger.  There can be some pretty disturbing things, and believe me, I’ve listened to some lately.  I was listening to an episode of Sword and Scale (a wonderful Podcast, by the way) and the host gave a very strong warning at the beginning of it.  I thought he was maybe going a little overboard and it honestly made me want to to listen even more.

I should have listened to the warning.  It was pretty terrible, and I ended up fast-forwarding to the end to find out if justice was served.  I think that’s the draw in a lot of ways, hearing or seeing that the “bad” buy got arrested and thrown in jail for a long time.

However, it doesn’t always work out that way.  Every time we start watching one of these types of shows, the hubby will say, “I sure hope this isn’t one of those episodes where the killer is never caught.”  It’s hard to sit through one of those episodes only to find out that they are still searching for the bad guy or even worse, that the justice system failed and they were set free.

The more I listen to them and watch them, I’m starting to realize that there is never really a clear answer.  There are cases where all the evidence and signs point to a certain person and they can sort of recreate what happened from that evidence, but for the most part, the only ones who ever really know the truth are the ones who were there.

There was one story where a woman was found dead at the bottom of her stairs and the husband was convicted of the crime, but he swears he didn’t do it.  Now, there is someone involved in the case who says the evidence points to an owl.  He believes an owl attacked this woman and she ran inside only to die at the bottom of the stairs.  Honestly, after watching her husband and her kids and listening to the story and this new far-fetched idea, I sort of think it is more plausible than the husband.

It’s all just so interesting.  I think that’s what keeps me listening and searching for new shows and podcasts.  It also helps with story ideas, so I suppose that’s another plus.

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SoCS – The oooohs and aaaahs of who-done-it mysteries

I posted a while ago (it’s probably way longer than I’m thinking, so I’m not going to look it up because it will probably scare me with how much time has passed) about podcasts.  I was really enjoying listening to them on my drive to and from work.  I was going to say my daughter was the one who turned me onto them, but it was actually her friend.  She told me about the podcast Serial, and as soon as I started listening, I was hooked.

I don’t know what it is about investigative types of stories, but I’m a sucker for them.  I was wholly bereft when I finished Serial.  I listened to their second season when it came out but then, after listening to a few other random podcasts here and there, I sort of stopped listening to them.

That could probably have something to do with the fact that I’ve been trying to make my way through the Game of Thrones series, which is, shall I say, exhausting?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it, but each book seems to last forever! and I have to remind myself that I really am making progress, but it’s hard to notice it when each book is over a thousand pages.

Anyway, I got a text from my daughter a few days ago, and she told me about another podcast, Up and Vanished.  I started listening to it on my way to work that day, and needless to say, I am totally hooked.  I’ve had so many “ooooh” moments, where the wheels spin and I know who did it.  But then the next episode totally shifts my thinking into a different direction.  I would call it the “oooohs” and “aaaahs” of who-done-it mysteries.

Probably the saddest part of listening to stories surrounding real life is the horror that there are really people like this out there in the world.

I made the mistake of fact checking something on Google last night.  The whole investigation is happening in real life, but I’m starting back when it was first released in August of last year, so I’m a bit behind.  Apparently, things are happening in the case, though.  I saw just enough to kick myself and then close the app as soon as possible before I could read more.

So, if you’re interested, I’ve given you the link to the site, just click on the name above.  Or, you can always just download it on your podcast app on your phone.  I have an iPhone, so I can’t speak for other types of phones and how you listen to podcasts.

I’m sure happy it’s the weekend, and a sort of longer one at that (I only work half a day on Monday) because I am going to bury myself in my headphones and catch myself up on this podcast.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill, although this week, it is hosted by Dan from No Facilities since Linda is busy with the new release of her book.  Congrats Linda! Today’s prompt is “ooooh, aaaah“.


Podcasts are my current obsession and I’ll tell you why

So, I’m going to do something a bit different for a Tuesday.   I suppose it could be in the realm of Teaser Tuesday, but not quite.  It’s more like a review and or a “you should totally be doing this and if you’re not, start right this moment!” sort of thing.

I posted a few weeks ago about listening to an audio book via Audible.  Well, the reason I knew anything about it was because I sort of got caught up in the whole Podcast thing a few years ago when the first season of Serial was released.  (If you haven’t heard about it, you should totally check it out…)

I didn’t look into Audible back then because I had plenty of time to read (I was taking the train to work) and it didn’t interest me beyond that one thing.  I listened to the first season of Serial and then didn’t listen to another Podcast.  It wasn’t until I found the second season of Serial (and finished it in two days) that I started realizing how much I loved it.  I loved listening to it in my car while driving; I loved listening to it while I was crocheting; as it turns out, I just loved listening to it and I was sad when it was over.

This American Life

So, I downloaded Audible and have finished an entire book and can’t wait to start another one.  But in the interim, I decided to try another Podcast.  It’s called This American Life and I believe the same people who produce it produce Serial.

I listened to my first episode yesterday and I was blown away.  Perhaps I just share the same values and the same way of thinking as these people, but I found myself loving how they presented the material and thinking that everyone should be talking about these things in just this way.

After feeling bombarded by news, politics and pretty awful things in the media, it was a refreshing change.  It’s not like I’m hiding behind stories and not wanting to talk about things that matter, because I do; but I’d prefer to do it in a way that doesn’t have fear pressed into every sentence.  We need to have real conversations about real things and I don’t believe the media does that.  They are, after all, out to get more viewers.  That is their focus, far more than relating news in a neutral way.  (At least, that’s my opinion)

So, I’m going to do my own plug and say that if you like Podcasts, you should totally check out Serial if you want an ongoing story for a set amount of episodes.  But you should check out This American Life if you want real talk about real things and real people.  The episode I listened to yesterday was Birds and Bees, discussing how to talk to children about big, complicated things.  Simply brilliant!

And today I started listening to Tell Me I’m Fat.  I haven’t finished this one, but it hasn’t disappointed so far.

Audible is a pay by month service but the Podcasts are free.  I believe you should already have an app on your phone, so all you need to do is subscribe to them, download the episodes and start listening.  Easy-peasy and so completely worth it!

I’m Guessing I Have a Thing For True Crime

If you didn’t already know from reading my blog, I have had so much fun in this process. I started it as a place to post flash fiction. I didn’t know how that was going to go, but it has actually gone better than expected and I’ve learned so much along the way. It’s given me a chance to write things I never really thought I could and step out of comfort zones I didn’t know I had.

I’ve had to do some research for some of my stories, even though they were never more than 1,500 words, because what the hell is “weird west” any way? I’m not sure I completely rocked that story, but at least I didn’t give up. I also had to look up werewolves because despite reading about them and seeing movies, it is much harder to write about them than you would think; unless of course that’s your thing.

There was a challenge in December that I started but didn’t quite finish. The prompt was “A famous, unsolved crime.” I tend to take some of these things a bit too literally, so I ended up on the Internet looking them up. I decided to stay away from the really well known ones, Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the Zodiac killer. I found one that I’d actually never heard of, the murder of Marilyn Sheppard, and ended up on this website for the next eight hours or so reading all about it; all 19 chapters of it. Here I was, thinking it would be better the less I knew but before I knew it, I had far too much information and couldn’t even think where to begin to write a 500 word story about it.

After reading each chapter I believed whole-heartedly that one person was the killer only to believe something completely different in the next chapter. I think the worst part was getting embroiled in it for hours only to realize they still don’t know who did it. Probably why it’s called an unsolved crime.

Which brings me to this blog post I read last week about a Podcast called Serial. I commented that I would check it out, but having never listened to a Podcast and not knowing how to even look it up, I had almost completely forgotten about it until last night when my daughter’s best friend mentioned it. It was one of those teenage girls screaming in the kitchen moments. She even took my phone and downloaded it for me, because apparently there’s a Podcast App on my phone that I didn’t even know was there. (Thank God for teenagers who actually grew up with technology and seem to know way more about it than I do; and I think I actually know quite a lot!).

So there you have it. I listened to the first episode on the way home from work and can’t wait to listen to the next one. It’s just so interesting even though I know by the end of it I probably won’t be any closer to knowing what really happened than I am today.

This is actually really strange to me, that I’ve gotten so into this stuff. I didn’t even know I liked true crime. Maybe it’s all the Criminal Minds I’ve been watching lately? Who knows. I’m just going to enjoy it for now. Maybe it will turn into a thing, or maybe it already is. Here’s hoping it doesn’t completely overtake my life!

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