#LoveIsInDaBlog Day 20 – Spicy

I’ve been completely obsessed with the Olympics this year.  It’s to the point that I’m getting pretty bored with the things I don’t really like and I am absolutely sick of watching the same commercials over and over again.  However, I keep watching it.  My favorite event to watch is ice skating.  I see it as an art form, since it is, and I love watching it.

I love watching all the jumps, but I’m more interested in the way the movements match the music and how the partners (if it’s partnered) respond and react to one another.  I’ve watched some pretty amazing things this year, but none compare to last night’s ice dancing free skate.  Holy cow!  I was on pins and needles watching the last few dances.

The best one I’ve seen probably ever was Virtue and Moir from Canada.  If you haven’t watched it, I’ve been instructed to include a YouTube video in today’s post, so you are in luck!  When I was looking for the video, I saw a tag-line for a video that said something about one of their moves being “too hot for the Olympics”.  I can see where this comment is coming from because the routine is spicy, but it is also very tastefully done.  I love how it pushed the edges, but I feel they kept it balanced in a masterful way.

I will compare it to the Russian pair who skated last week.  Their final dance music was Christina Aguilera’s “Nasty, Naughty Boy” which I thought was ridiculous on all sorts of levels.  I honestly couldn’t believe they picked that music and the whole thing was just off, in my opinion.  Even the commentators mentioned that their music didn’t do them any favors.

Speaking of the commentators, has anyone else wondered what new spiciness Johnny Weir will concoct the next time we see him?  I’m sitting here watching the ladies short program as I type this and I’m in awe of his newest get-up.  He is spicy on all sorts of levels and I love it!

Anyway, here is the video.  The only thing I could find that included the whole routine was Virtue and Moir performing at the Canadian Nationals this year, so it isn’t quite the same because I think their performance last night was ridiculously good; but, you’ll get the spicy with the music and their chemistry

I obviously do not have any rights to the video. No copyright infringement intended.


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SoCS – Cashing in the Gold (or Not)

The direction my thoughts are going in might be a stretch for the prompt today, but I’m just going to run with it because it’s SoCS and it’s best not to overthink it (which I have a huge tendency to do).

I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics this week, but sometimes I find it rather odd.  I’m watching sports that I would never just sit down on a random Saturday and watch.  They just really aren’t that interesting to me; but you add in the Olympics and the really high stakes (are the stakes really that high, though?) and you get this strange excitement to see someone do well in the competition.

The other thing that makes it fun is that the commentators usually go into it with a clear favorite, but sometimes a random person they weren’t expecting busts through and shocks not just themselves, but literally everyone.  It really can be enjoyable, or maybe I’m just a highly competitive person and I like watching highly competitive sports.

We were talking about the medals they receive and sort of wondering about them.  My fiance said that they aren’t pure gold; it’s really just a coating, but it made me think.  Does it matter?  Are they really earning those medals for the value?  I think I’ve heard stories of people cashing them in, but I don’t think there are a lot out there.  I believe there are some things that don’t have a value, no matter how much they’re worth.

This thought, in turn, makes me think about my job.  I’ve had this thought before, but I find it so fascinating.  I work with millions of dollars… not literally, but on paper.  But even if it was literally, I don’t think it would change how I see it.  I processed paperwork for an invoice a few months ago that was almost $800K.  As huge as that dollar amount is, though, I wasn’t thinking of it in terms of cash… it was just a number or a transaction; just a piece of paper that I was processing really.

I don’t even think of it in terms of, “How would it be to have that much money?”  It’s strange that we can be around money and work with it, but it doesn’t necessarily become personal like that.

I have no idea if I’m making any sense.  I was up late, slept poorly and am up early typing away because I couldn’t sleep…

I would love to have more money than I do; I think we all would.  But I suppose at the end of the day, it’s all about perspective.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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