SoCS on Sunday – MooDoo

I’ve been wanting to spend more time here on the blog.  I’ve been managing to keep up with Song Lyric Sunday, but that’s about it.  I feel sort of direction-less when it comes to writing and my blog.  I want to write more, but I feel like my energy should be spent on that book that I’m not really writing right now.  So, do I post more on the blog or continue down this path of not really doing anything?

It’s a conundrum for sure.  I suppose it’s good that I’m recognizing what’s going on.  Now the next step is to actually do something about it.  I’m just wondering when I actually will…

So, I wasn’t really planning on SoCS this week, but then I happened to see some of the posts from yesterday and realized that I surprisingly had something to write about the word “moo”.

Yesterday was a sad day for our family.  We met at the cemetery to mourn the loss of my nephew exactly 13 years ago.  I picked up Andru from his Dad’s house (it ended up just being me and him since Jaxon had to work and my fiance wasn’t ready to stand out in cold weather for an indeterminate amount of time) and from the second I picked him up, he talked to me about his computer game.

I feel like a terrible mother sometimes, but when he starts talking and keeps going on and on about a game that, while I’ve seen him play, I don’t have much interest in, it sort of all starts to blend together at a certain point.  He finally realized how much he’d been talking and asked if we could stop to get a drink.  We barely made it back in the car before he started in again.

I actually stopped him and reminded him he needed water… He managed to figure out how to open his water and then kept talking.  When we finally made it to the cemetery, I was happy to hand him off to his cousin.  They spent the rest of the afternoon talking and sharing everything about their games and whatever else teenage boys share.

We always go to lunch afterwards and since we were all going to the same place, both boys ended up in the car with me and I happened to overhear Andru tell his cousin about his online screen name, which is MooDoo.  When he first started playing games on the computer, he was young and he loved the name “Flames”.  I’m not sure MooDoo is a step up from that, but I think he believes it is.  Listening him tell his cousin how he came up with the name, I think about as much thought went into it as went into “Flames”… maybe even less.

But he seems to love his online gaming name and it gave me something to tell you all for this version of SoCS on Sunday.

I hope you are all having a fantastic day, however you are choosing to celebrate it or not.

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JustJoJan Day 17 – The Burden of Complaining

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of this year so far complaining, which isn’t so much fun for you guys to read, I’m guessing.  I also had a pretty rough day yesterday, but I honestly couldn’t even tell you why.  There really wasn’t a reason for it, other than it was a Monday and I just wasn’t thinking clearly.

I’m feeling much better today, though.

Adelle asked me to send her a care package (which included an extra cell phone because she’s pretty awful to her phones and she can’t upgrade until May).  I was planning to get everything at lunch and then stop at the post office after work.  I ended up not being able to get everything at lunch because I didn’t realize I still couldn’t walk more than a block or so without hurting.  (When is this going to be healed? Sheesh!)

So, I was thinking about the fact that I was hurting and before I left work I decided to go straight home and finish it tomorrow.  However, as I was leaving the parking lot, I decided what the hell.  I turned the other way and stopped at the grocery store.  I was looking for some very specific things in a store I wasn’t used to, so I ended up walking around the store longer than I wanted.  Then, when I finally checked out and was on my way to the car, I realized I’d forgotten something that was on the other side of the store.

I decided right then that I was for sure going to wait until tomorrow to send the package, even if it meant a little longer lunch standing in a line at the post office.  But wouldn’t you know it… I found a Walgreens on my way home (a much smaller store) and ran in to get the last thing.  I also realized that the post office near my house was open later, and I still had another 25 minutes.  I ended up making it in time and getting her package sent off.

For all the negative thinking I did throughout the day, I was still able to get done exactly what I wanted to and now I’m home, sitting in front of my computer and relaxing.  I’m thinking I could have saved myself a whole hell of a lot of emotional turmoil though (because, strangely I get all emotional when things don’t go exactly as I want them to) if I had just stayed positive the whole time.

I guess the moral here is that complaining seems to add to your burden.  It is much better to approach things with gratitude and a positive spirit, if for nothing else than to ease the stress your own thoughts can cause.


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SoCS and JustJoJan Day 14 – The Joy of Parenting

Parenting is a fun, terrible, wild ride of ups and downs and unexpected turns.  My favorite part of watching my kids grow is how they have become their own unique person.

I don’t know what it is about moving into this house, but I feel like I have more moments with my kids… like this morning sitting at the breakfast table (we had a table in the townhouse, but it was in such a cramped area that only one or two people could sit down at one time).  It was just me and the boys and we were laughing and joking around.  I missed those moments!

I’m constantly amazed at how different each child is, and yet they share so many similar qualities.  I’d like to think they each got an artistic flare from me – Jaxon loves to draw and takes amazing pictures; Adelle is attending a school dedicated to the arts, learning to build sets for theater (and really any type of performance); and Andru is my storyteller.  It’s amazing that it is all art but all so different at the same time.

I could sit and lament the fact that I was going through my dark times during their childhood so I don’t remember much, but I’m not going to do that.  While those moments were difficult and I’m lucky to still be here, those moments also shaped who I am today.  And I’m here now, enjoying each moment with my kids, as much as I can.

I posted the other day that I only just realized that my boys can actually do things, like lift heavy boxes and drill a shelf in the garage.  I didn’t really appreciate that at all until my surgery.  Actually, it happened before that when we were moving.  Jaxon was such a huge help and he continues to help make my life just a little bit easier.  When Adelle was here a few weeks ago, I called to let them know I was on my way home and she offered to start dinner!  It’s weird to think my daughter cooks!

As much as I love that my kids are growing and becoming more and more independent, sometimes I still think of them as children who need me to take care of them.  I’m still trying to hold onto those moments where I cook breakfast for them and do their laundry…. that might sound strange, but I enjoy doing things for them and it’s hard to think that they don’t really need me for any of those things anymore.

It’s exciting to watch them grow, but I can’t help but think that soon enough, it will just be me and my partner.  Best enjoy their company while I can, right?

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One-Liner Wednesday – The body

Jaxon sent me a text one day last week and it went something like this…

Jaxon: Do you think you have room in your storage unit?

Me: For what?

Jaxon: The body

I read this at least twice, realized it was a joke and responded…

Me: Oh that.  Yeah, I think it should fit. (laughing emoji)

Jaxon: Okay cool

I did another double take, because that wasn’t the response I was looking for…

Me: It’s a joke, right?

Jaxon: Bed frames (laughing emoji)

The moral of the story?  Maybe my son isn’t as funny as I give him credit for, and sometimes we really are just having a conversation about a broken bed frame.

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SoCS – Defying Age

In the past few months I’ve been contemplating age.  Not so much my age, but my children.  I don’t know how it happened, but my youngest is just finishing his last year in elementary school, my daughter is going to be 21 this year, and Jaxon will turn 16 on Monday.

I’m assuming all parents feel this way, but I ask myself all the time, “How is it possible I have a 21 year old?”  Especially when I don’t necessarily feel older.

I don’t think it helped that I had a doctor’s appointment this week where my only ailment was a sore hip.  To make matters worse, the doctor’s assistant was a younger man who looked like he couldn’t be more than 12 (I really debated calling him a man here… I probably should have said kid).  I don’t know why I felt awkward having him take my vitals and ask me questions.  He was just really odd and I still haven’t gotten past how young he looked.

I guess the only saving grace is that my hip problems are most likely running related and I’m supposed to go to physical therapy.  Young people have physical therapy too, especially active people, so that didn’t make me feel as old.

Age is a strange thing, isn’t it?  It’s so weird to think that I have memories from 30 years ago…

We were watching Blacklist the other night and (I’m sorry, this is probably going to be a spoiler, but I’ll leave names out so you won’t necessarily know who I’m speaking about?) it was revealed that two of the characters were mother and son.  The Mom looked like she couldn’t be more than 40 and the son looked like he was in his 30s.  So we spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out if the show was just being ridiculous or if it could really be possible.  Probably one of the saddest things I said was that the lines around her face could have put her at 50, but I’m not sure I believed the man was 28.

Anyway, it’s strange how age affects some people but not others.  I think it’s probably to someone’s credit that they can pass for different ages.

My daughter told me a few days ago that me and and my sister have aged really well and we still look like we’re in our thirties.  I pretty much love her to death for saying that!

I didn’t think I’d ever find myself in this position, to contemplate age.  But, I also realize that age is a form that can have preassigned meanings, but they really only apply if we let them.  There was a 71 year old guy who just made it to top four of Survivor and he rocked it!  I only hope I’m that active when I’m older.  I definitely cringe from the thought of spending days on the couch, watching TV and crocheting my days away for the simple reason that I’m just old.

I want to take my grand-kids to concerts and run a 5K and hike!  I’m going to rock the later years… you just wait and watch me!

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SoCS – Apparently, being a parent is hard

I don’t know why I’m stumped on this one.  Maybe it’s because I always talk about my kids and being a parent and it’s hard to just sit here and expound on thoughts and ideas I present all the time.  Or maybe I’m just making excuses.  It’s not like I don’t have ideas.  I’ve been sitting here thinking about it for a good half hour.  I think it’s more that there are too many ideas and I don’t even know where to start…

I was thinking about when Adelle was young.  She was always so independent.  I remember having battles with her as early as two or three about what she was going to wear.  How crazy is that?  Does it matter what she wears?  I can’t even remember why we argued… I think it’s because she had so many cute clothes and I liked them and wanted her to wear them, but she wanted to dress herself.  Why did I feel the need to argue with her about it?

Sometimes I believe that parents have issues with their children because they have ideas about what they should or shouldn’t be doing and rather than letting their children make decisions and learn, they try to force their own ideas on them.  I get that children need guidance along the way, but I also get that parents have a hard time letting go.

Adelle has said many times that she never got away with anything and Andru gets away with everything.  The sad reality is, I changed how I was parenting when Adelle was a little older, so she wasn’t able to reap the benefits of it at an early age.

I know some parents believe that if they let go, children will run wild, but my children are well-balanced and I haven’t had to deal with the teenage “horrors” that many parents worry about.

Children are human beings with thoughts and ideas all their own.  I believe they deserve our respect just like any other human being.  I dislike it when people condescend to me or talk down to me, but I’ve always disliked it, even when I was “a child”.  No one wants to feel like they are “less” than someone else, especially when that is based purely on age.

I love my children.  I love being a Mom.  It’s hard to find the right balance sometimes and I worry that I’m not doing it right or that I’m failing.  But it’s not like there’s a parent handbook out there… There isn’t a child handbook either.  So, maybe we should all be a little more forgiving, a little more understanding and let go just a little bit and allow our children to be human beings.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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