SoCS and #JustJoJan Day 27 – Movement

I’ve been trying to be more active lately.  It has a whole lot to do with how I feel and also how I’ve allowed the pounds to sort of creep back on until I’m barely fitting into my clothes.  It also didn’t help that I injured my back last year falling down some stairs (what a mortifyingly funny story that is) and there are days I can’t bend over.  I use a hot pad on my back most nights just to keep it bearable.  I’m feeling pretty old and broken, but I’ve been pushing through the pain, or trying to at least.

I saw a doctor for the back pain.  He looked at my MRI and said he didn’t see a whole lot.  He did tell me that losing weight might help…. thanks, doc.  After whining a little bit and telling him that I’m in a lot of pain and this just isn’t normal, he finally referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  I didn’t make an appointment to see him, though.  I decided I’m going to try to exercise and be more active to see if that helps at all.  So far, it hasn’t, but it’s early days and there is still some hope that things will change.

I’m going shopping with my sissy today.  I’m really excited to see her and to spend time with her, walking and talking and hopefully finding a dress for an event we have in March.

My hubby got me an Apple watch for my birthday last year.  Really, the only reason I wanted it was for the Activity app.  However, that thing is a pain in the ass.  It doesn’t work the way other activity apps work, apparently, so I’ve spent the last month trying to “close my rings” and I’ve only ever managed to close one or two in a day.  I was so excited to start doing the elliptical because I really wanted to close all three, but no.  That damn thing doesn’t track exercise correctly.  It makes me feel like somehow I’m not exercising enough.  I’m currently doing anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day approximately 3 or 4 times a week.  The first time I did it, I was so excited to finally close that ring, but it said I only exercised for 10 minutes that day.  What a lie!  I was pretty angry and sort of gave up on that particular ring.

My goal is to get my steps in and to be on my feet more.  The watch has a cute little reminder and it happens at fifty minutes of every hour, if you’re not moving.  It says “Time to stand up!”  It’s pretty funny when we’re all in a meeting and half the watches in the room buzz.  None of us have tried to stand up in the middle of a meeting.  It might be funny to try it once, though, just to see what our boss says.

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#JustJoJan Day 25 – Prediction

The first thing I thought of when I read the prompt word was football, so bear with me, if you can.  I’m a huge football fan and I have a favorite college team and NFL team.  This year did not go as predicted for either team.  Not only that, every time I went to watch another team, I feel like they always ended up losing.

I think fans can get pretty ridiculous, but there is a Budweiser commercial that is pretty spot on, in my opinion.  We, as fans, literally believe that there are things that can be done to affect the outcome of the game.  My hubby just started watching football with us, and he doesn’t get it yet.

It doesn’t matter how far ahead your team is, you never say, “This game is over.  There’s no way they can come back!”  I blame him for the Cowboy loss to the Packers in the playoffs last year.  At some point, when the Cowboys were ahead, he said something similar to that and I reminded him that we don’t say that, no matter how far ahead we are.  I also reminded him that the Packers are famous for ridiculous come-backs.  Even having the conversation affected the game, in my opinion.  He’s getting better, but he still has a hard time.  This year, he started asking for permission.  “Is it okay if I say they’re going to win now?”

Well, no, but now that you’ve said it, they’re probably going to lose, so thanks!

I was busy one Monday night during this year’s football season and actually forgot the Cowboys were playing (don’t judge me).  When I finally turned it on, they were losing.  I sent a text to my friend that I hadn’t missed much and literally within minutes, the Cowboys scored two touchdowns.  Her husband told her to tell me to keep watching because I obviously affected the game just by turning it on.

Like it says at the end of the commercial, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work”, and in my opinion, it works more than you even realize!

I wanted to include the commercials in my post and came across another one, so I’ve included them both for your viewing pleasure.

“It’s like magic, only real.”

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One-Liner Wednesday and #JustJoJan Day 23 – The Struggle is Real

Both of my boys wear braces and my youngest had them put on his bottom teeth yesterday.  Needless to say, he is in pain.  He tried to tell me today that he never wanted them, but I had to remind him that he begged us to get braces.  His response?

“Well, yeah.  I wanted braces before I actually got braces.”


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#JustJoJan Day 23 – Colour

Why is it that everyone sees colors differently?  It makes me wonder if they are seeing the same color that I am, you know?  I was in my boss’s office today and we were going over some of my responsibilities in relation to a spreadsheet she had open.  Some things we determined were stalled, so she colored them gray.  Then, she asked me which ones I would like to keep if I had a choice.  Those she was going to highlight a “happy”color, but she picked this moody sea green.  As soon as she did it, she said, “Well that’s not very happy,” and changed it to a bright sky blue.

I’m sure some people would have looked at that color and thought it was perfectly happy.  She mentioned that she thought pastel colors were happy colors, but she couldn’t find one on the computer in that moment.  I honestly find most pastel colors boring.  I prefer my colors bright and dark.  I suppose that could have a lot to do with my coloring and the types of colors I can wear, but I think it also has to do with my perception.

I know white isn’t a color, but after a snow storm, there is usually a period of time when the clouds clear and the sky is a pristine blue with all the bright white snow sparkling in the sunlight.  I find that color beautiful.  Then there are days, especially where I live, where the inversion sets in and the sky could be a muted blue or a murky gray from one moment to the next.  It’s depressing.

It’s crazy how colors can affect your mood, too.  I’ve been enjoying the scenery the past few days because we had a pretty big snow storm, and in most places there is still some snow on trees and lawns.  The mountains are also covered and it makes for some beautiful viewing.  Just last week, though, I was thinking it was looking pretty dismal.  The grass was an ugly brownish-green and the trees had that non-color that happens during winter.  Those muted non-colors can happen during summer too.  Some of my favorite colors during summer happen during and after a rain storm.

Geez, I’m a moody person.

The ironic thing, if you can call it that, is my absolute favorite color is purple.  That’s a happy color, right?

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SoCS and #JustJoJan Day 20 – The terrifying beauty of the ocean

Oceans are great aren’t they?  I’v always been fascinated by them.  I haven’t had much occasion to visit them, but when I have, I’m always in awe at the vast beauty.  I’d pretty much only ever visited the Pacific Ocean until my daughter decided that she wanted to go to college in North Carolina.  She didn’t end up anywhere near the beach, but when we dropped her off for school her Freshman year, we ended up having a free day, so we took the four hour drive.  I’m so happy we did it.  There’s just something about it.

I’m sure that if you live by an ocean, you’re sitting there scoffing at me that they’re not so great.  I do the same thing about mountains.  I’m surrounded by mountains and can pretty much take a twenty minute drive and find a trail to hike on that will take me into the mountain wilderness somewhere.  I really do try to appreciate the beauty, but when you see it every day, it’s hard to appreciate it.

My husband is fascinated with the movie Jaws.  For whatever reason, that is his go-to relaxation movie.  In the almost five years (holy cow!) we’ve been together, I couldn’t even tell you how many times he’s watched it.  We have it on DVD but he also has a version of it saved on our DVR so he can easily watch it anytime he wants.

He ended up recording some special on the Reelz channel about the true life story behind the movie.  It used to be interesting when movies would claim they were based on a true story, but it’s happened so much, I think it’s lost its impact.  I’m not sure if Jaws used it, but it is, in fact, based on a true story.  In 1916 there was a shark terrorizing the New Jersey coast.  It was pretty awful to know that the movie followed the actual story almost exactly.

However, I was delighted when it turned out that the death of the shark happened in real life and wasn’t just a happy Hollywood ending.  Two fishermen caught the thing in their net and one of them beat it to death with a broken paddle.  Can you even imagine?  I can’t!

I suppose the moral of the story is that while nature can be beautiful, it is also terrifying in many ways.  It kind of makes you think twice about jumping into the ocean…

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#JustJoJan Day 18 – Revolt (to a certain degree)

I consider myself a pretty decent person.  Sure I get upset and I’ve done some bad things in my life, but I think I’ve lived a pretty normal life without too much trouble.  I also realized today that I’ve always been somewhat afraid to revolt against authority figures or the “system”.  I even have a hard time raising hell in a restaurant when my food is wrong.  I will usually just pick at it, pay for it and then leave.

I don’t know.  I think I’ve gotten better in some ways, but today I had to deal with the fact that I am firmly in rebellion.

I have a bill from a doctor’s office that I am refusing to pay.  I’ve said things like that before, but I’ve always caved when things got hard and just ended up paying it or whatever.  Not this time.  This time, I am prepared to go the distance.

The great thing about today is that I finally decided to stop dealing with the doctor’s office altogether, because they so obviously don’t want to deal with me.  Since they blamed my EOB and the fact that they need to bill me how my insurance company paid the claim, I decided to give them a call.

I wasn’t calling them to ask for help.  I honestly just wanted to know why they paid the claim the way they did so I could go back to the doctor’s office armed with more information.  Information is always a good thing, especially when someone is trying to use it against you.

I was humbled and amazed that the insurance company actually helped me.  After hearing my story, the lady on the phone decided to give my claim an exception and she is going to submit the claim for processing (even though it was out of network).  Not only that, she said I could file an appeal if they try to bill me for the remaining balance.  She basically said they should be writing it off, but if they aren’t going to do it nicely, then we have other ways of getting it done.

I honestly cried.  This has been such a nightmare and I’m just happy I found someone who agreed with me and is willing to help me.

I plan on never going to that clinic again.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I should honestly post their information on Facebook and what-not, but I’m not at that stage yet.  I guess I’m in revolt, but only to a certain degree.

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One-Liner Wednesday and #JustJoJan Day 17 – Who likes sewing?

I was editing an interview and came across this rather delightful exchange.  The interviewee had mentioned that she didn’t like sewing and what followed was a rather delightful exchange between her daughter and the interviewers.

Cheryl: I didn’t like sewing either.

Lorrie: I’m right there with you.  (to Michael) Are you good?

Michael: No, I’m actually awful at sewing.

Lorrie: No, I mean questions.

Michael: Question wise, I’m good.

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