SoCS – Jump-Scares

Sometimes I really need to read the prompt, have it show me a word and then just write. And it seems like every time I really want that, Linda throws me for a loop. Nope, Helen, you actually have to figure the word out yourself among the, I don’t know, hundreds(?) of four-letter words out there. I guess it’s not her fault though. Not really…

(I really appreciate Linda because keeping up a blog prompt isn’t easy, so thanks, Lady!)

I decided to keep it a bit lighter today. My life is stressful enough right now without rehashing it all on my blog.

I like scary movies. I don’t know why I like them because they really get to me. They scare me, even though I know they aren’t real, and many times they make me feel really gross, like “why am I watching this again?” But every time I’ve told myself I couldn’t possibly watch another one, I find myself renting another one or borrowing one from a friend.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – my kids like them too. We watched one on Netflix not too long ago called “Babadook” and that show scared the crap out of me. I was talking to Adelle afterwards, and I realized it wasn’t so much about the scary content, it was really more about the Mother and her son. When you become a Mom, the meanings and things that happen in movies change and you suddenly look at them very differently.

My kids? Their response: “It was just a bunch of jump-scares.”

Last night, I watched Sinister with the boyfriend. He said it was the worst movie he had ever seen. I don’t think it was terrible, in fact, it did exactly what I thought it would. I jumped multiple times, my heart was racing, I was wringing my hands. I’m thinking watching scary movies releases some sort of chemical that we just can’t get enough of. Like riding roller coasters or extreme sports.

My boyfriend is into true crime, and I am too, but sometimes I just want to watch something that can’t possibly be true and it’s all just good fun. He laughed at me multiple times last night, so I think it was a good time all around.

Adelle – and let’s be honest, the boys too – hates watching scary movies with me because I scream out loud and that scares everyone more than whatever was happening on the screen. I scream then everyone jumps and yells at me for scaring them.

I guess I’m just one of those people that jump-scares really work. I think that’s why I hate going to haunted houses. Now those are places that are all about the jump-scares. Except they aren’t on a harmless screen. They actually jump out at you or chase you or get in your face. I actually end up getting mad, rather than enjoying myself. And who wants that? I don’t! My boyfriend keeps trying to talk me into going to a haunted house this year, but I really don’t like them. Which is funny because I love scary movies. I don’t know. I guess I’m just weird like that.

I’m also the girl who likes paranormal scary movies and zombie movies, but I don’t like those movies where some random killer goes around and chops people up for no reason at all. It’s a science, in my head, that makes absolutely no sense to anyone else. But I’m okay with that. I just try and watch what a like and ignore the hecklers.

What about you. Do you like scary movies?

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Flash Fiction – The Beach House Part 3

At dusk by sora__

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Jane pulled her knees up and settled next to Brandon on the couch. The only sound in the house was the muffled movement of the ocean outside. The light Jane had flipped on when they came back in the house glared across the room, adding an unnatural feeling to an already strange evening. They were both heavy with their own thoughts, finding comfort in their bodies touching and Brandon’s hand sliding up and down Jane’s back.

The knock on the front door made them both jump, a soft scream erupting from Jane’s mouth. They looked at each other, the fear in Jane’s hazel eyes reflected in Brandon’s icy blue ones.

“Who the hell is that?” Jane’s voice quivered.

“I have no idea,” Brandon said as he stood up. “Stay here, Babe. I’ll go check it out.”

Jane watched Brandon walk out of the room, down the hall, and to the right completely out of view. Her palms started sweating and she felt a sick feeling in her stomach. When she heard the door creak open, she stood up quickly, looking around for something to use as a weapon. When she turned back to the hallway, Brandon was slowly walking back into the room, Walter trailing behind him.

“Walter? What the hell?” Jane looked from him to the glass door that led onto the deck. “Where’s Jen?”

Looking back, she watched Walter shrug as he walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge.

Jane’s eyes met Brandon’s, but he looked as baffled as she felt. She turned back to the sliding glass door and was relieved to see Jen walking up the steps of the deck. She walked over and opened up the door.

Jen strode through the door without looking at anyone, walked straight through the room and into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Brandon met Jane’s eyes and they both sighed, understanding suddenly dawning.

“You guys had a fight?” Brandon asked Walter.

Walter was on his second glass of water and the only answer Brandon got was a grunt.

“Well, we’ll head to bed so you can sleep on the couch if you want. I think we should all get some sleep. It’s been a long day.”

He walked over to Jane and grabbed her hand. “Let’s go to bed, huh?”

“God, yes. This is just getting weird.”

They walked hand in hand to their bedroom and quietly shut the door behind them.

“We so don’t need those two to be at each other the rest of the week.” Jane walked over to the bed and started rummaging through her bag for her pajamas.

“I’ll talk to Walter in the morning. I’m sure everything will be okay.” Brandon leaned back against the door and watched Jane.

“It’s been such a weird day. What do you think was on the beach?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was a trick of the light or weird beach phenomenon. I honestly didn’t think I smoked that much on the way down here.”

“You didn’t. And I saw something too.” Jane slumped on the bed and started taking off her shoes.

Brandon walked over and sat down next to her, his hand slowly sliding up her arm.

“How about we get naked and relax a little,” he mumbled as he started kissing her neck, slowly making his way to her lips. She turned her head and melted into the kiss, trying desperately to bring some normalcy to the strange start to their vacation.


Jane was walking down the beach, her bare feet sliding into the sand with each footstep. Dusk was just turning from purple to gray, slowly fading into black and the waves slipped up to the shore and slid back into the ocean, a steady back and forth motion. There was no sound, but Jane felt peace in the silence that surrounded her.

She felt the waves calling her and she walked towards the water, unable to stop. The waves covered her feet and slid back. She took a few steps forward and the next time the waves came up to her knees and slid back. The process continued until the waves reached her shoulders. Her eyes looked steadily forward and the peace she felt became a blanket, blocking out the cold wet darkness that finally covered her completely.

She floated in the water, adrift with the waves as they enshrouded her body, a comforting tomb. The first breath that slid water into her lungs was a relief she welcomed. She wanted this. She was finally home.

Just as her eyes were going dark around the edges, she saw a pale form floating toward her, reaching for her through the murky water.


Jane shot up in bed, a ragged scream echoing through the dark room. She leaned over the side of the bed and vomited onto the floor, her body retching violently. She was soaking wet and each breath she took came too quickly one after the other.

“Babe, are you okay?” Brandon was sitting up in bed, still startled from the scream that had dragged him out of sleep.

Jane was hyperventilating and crying at the same time. “I h-h-had the… w-w-worst nightmare!” She managed to get out in between racking sobs.

He reached for her and his hands slipped on her skin. “Jesus, Babe, you’re soaked.”

“I… I… I was d-d-drowning in the ocean. But… I wasn’t alone…”

Brandon reached for the blanket at the end of the bed and wrapped it around her shoulders. In a gentle voice, he said, “Babe, you need to breathe.” He pulled her toward him and started rocking her, not sure what else to do.

She sobbed for a few minutes longer, trying to take deeper breathes and finally, it started to fade. Once the sobbing stopped, her body started to shake.

“Jane, you’re okay. You’re safe. It was just a dream.” Brandon didn’t know what to say, but he kept repeating what he thought were reassuring words, rubbing her arms, kissing her neck.

Finally, in a soft voice that he could barely hear, she said, “Brandon, I don’t want to stay here anymore.”

Just in case you missed the first two parts, I included links before I started the third part so you could catch up if you wanted to. I also wrote this as part of Chuck Wendig’s challenge this week. The prompt was the random photo challenge. He provided a link to flicker called “Interestingness” where we had to choose a photo and write 1,000 words. I found a photo that went perfectly with this part of the story. If you click on the photo above, it will take you to the author’s flicker sight.

Flash Fiction – The Beach House Part 2

I’m going to try something completely different here on my blog and I would love it if you would let me know in the comments what you think. I started this story in February as a part one of four for Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction challenge. I was sad no one picked it up and I promised a few people I would try and finish it. The thing is, I didn’t come up with a next part to the story. So, I’ve been waiting for Chuck to throw out a challenge that would match what I wanted to do, and it sort of happened last week, but I didn’t have time to finish it and post it before he moved onto the next challenge.

So, I was thinking that maybe I didn’t need a challenge to post my own flash fiction. Maybe I could just, you know, write parts of a story every week and post it here; a sort of tune in next week to see what happens kind of thing. I will also tell you that I haven’t written beyond this point I’m posting, so if you have ideas about where you would like the story to go, let me know. I think it’s going in a certain direction, but I am open to comments and suggestions.

I don’t know how long it will last. I’m going to free write about 1,000 words each week and we will see what happens. I’m planning to post it every Sunday, just in case you want to mark your calendars.

So, if you missed the first part of the story, here is The Beach House Part 1.

The Beach House Part 2

Before anyone else had a chance to react, Walter had thrown the glass door open and was charging out the door, head up, chest out ready to take down the intruder. Jen’s hand wrapped around air when she tried to reach out and stop him.

“Walter, stop! What are you doing?” Her voice trembled and she shivered from the salty breeze blowing in the door.

“Fuck this! I’ll take care of this guy. Then we can enjoy our vacation.”

“Wait up, Dude,” Brandon called as he followed Walter’s retreating form out onto the shadow-filled beach.

Jane, not one to cower behind while the guys took care of things, went out after them. She caught up to them a few yards down the beach, but whoever or whatever Brandon had seen was gone. They were alone with the roiling waves lapping at the shore only a few feet from where they stood. Jane looked a question at Brandon, but he only shrugged.

She looked down the beach in both directions, but it was deserted and from what she could see, there hadn’t been enough time for the figure to make it to the trees surrounding the house. Not only that, the nearest house to theirs was at least a hundred yards away on either side. It was as if the figure had just disappeared or had never been there to begin with.

“Dude, you sure you saw something? Maybe you inhaled a few too many times on the way down here.” Walter was grinning now and punched Brandon in the arm.

“I swear to God, there was someone standing right here.” Brandon was still shaken, not in the mood to just let it all go as some kind of funky high.

“Jen! Come jump in the ocean with me,” Walter called as he ran toward the water, pulling off his shoes as he went.”

“You’re insane,” Jen called back. She walked up to Brandon and Jane, her arms folded across her chest. “It’s not funny, you trying to freak us all out like that, Brandon.”

Jane looked at her friend, her eyes opening wide. “You think he was just playing around?”

“Well, yeah.” Jen shrugged her shoulders and walked forward, ignoring the accusing look Jane was leveling at her.

Jane turned to Brandon, “Let’s go inside. Being out here gives me the creeps.”

“I’m sorry babe. I really did see someone standing out here.” He put his arm around her and they started walking back to the house.

“Hey, guys, I don’t think it’s safe to swim in the ocean after dark,” Jane called back to Walter and Jen.

Silence answered her call but she was too freaked to wait around for them. They were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, she reasoned, and she continued walking back to the house, held tight next to Brandon’s comforting presence.


Jen ignored Jane and kept walking towards Walter. She was pissed at Brandon for freaking them all out, even if it was just a joke. She’d really believed him; had actually thought she saw a shadow before Walter took off out the door, but when she blinked, it was gone. Now, she realized, it was all just bullshit.

She was watching Walter jump in the waves, laughing like a maniac and she couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. She shook off the irritation at Brandon’s deception and decided to join Walter. She reached down to pull off her shoes and when she had successfully removed one, she looked up, but before she reached for the other foot, she noticed the waves in front of her were empty. Walter was gone.

“Walter?” she called. Her eyes frantically scanned the waves as she hopped on one foot trying to get her other shoe off. When it was finally off, she started forward, continuing to scan the water where she had last seen him. “Walter?” She called again, this time with more force. “Walter, this isn’t funny!” The water was lapping at her feet now and the twinkling stars in the night sky did little to brighten the dark night that had settled on the lonely stretch of beach.

“Walter!” she screamed, knowing her futile cries were doing little to help, but not knowing what else to do. She was just about to run back to the house for help when something cold and hard grabbed her ankle and yanked her off her feet.

A terrified screamed settled on deaf waves as she fell hard on her butt, the iron clamp on her foot dragging her into the waves. Her hands scrambled at sand and rocks that cut into her palms. “Walter, help me!” she screamed, trying to kick at the unseen force with her other foot. The waves crashed up to her chin then receded back into the depths and she knew the next time the waves came, they would carry her with them. She could barely feel her heart crashing into her chest and the tears that were streaming down her face blended with the salty ocean spray.

Just as suddenly as it began, the clamp lifted from her foot and she was free. “Oh, God,” she cried, as she scrambled backwards, away from the strength of the oncoming wave. Once she was safely back on the beach, she fell back and cried, shivering in terror and relief. She knew she had to get back to the house and get help for Walter, but any strength she had was expended in her fight to free herself from the deathly grip dragging her into the waves.

She finally opened her eyes and another scream dislodged itself from her throat and crashed into the silence.

Walter was standing above her, silently staring down at her.

“Walter, what the hell? Where were you? Why didn’t you help me?” His face was lost to the deep shadow of the night, but she continued staring at him, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. It finally dawned on her that it must have been him! He was the one dragging her into the ocean as some kind of sick joke and all the terror instantly turned to rage.

“You fucking jerk! It was you!” The handfuls of sand she still held in her fists flew into him, but he continued to stare at her, sand billowing around him with a sudden gust of wind. She picked herself up, shoved him once and turned to head back to the house. “Stay away from me!” She yelled behind her as she stormed back to the house, leaving her shoes behind.

Walter stood motionless as a shadow slid across his face and settled into his coal black eyes.