SoCS – Summertime at its finest

When you find yourself on a Saturday morning wanting to write about something specific, but you check out the theme post and it has nothing to do with it, it makes for some interesting thoughts.  Rather than trying to make it all fit, I’m just going to write and I’ll try to get that pesky word in there.

As Linda mentioned, things are starting to heat up.  It is rather strange, though, because we didn’t really have a spring.  Either way, though, I’m happy we are heading into warmer weather.  It means more grilling and more hiking!

I am happy to report that this week, my exercise went almost exactly as planned.  There was only one day that I just couldn’t bring myself to get up at 5:30 am, but then I ended up coming home early (thanks Friday at work before Memorial Day) and banging it out.

When I went for my run last weekend, I was scared to death.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to hurt myself worse or if it was going to help my pain.  I ended up falling down some stairs last year, and ever since my back has been in pain.  It’s been something I’ve lived with on a daily basis and it has made life rather difficult.  I started seeing a physical therapist, and she pretty much told me I need to move.  After four visits, I was frustrated and upset, but I finally decided that if she wanted me to move, I could certainly do that.

It’s been almost a week since I went on my first run and I’ve gone on two additional runs and I am doing some cross-training on the off days.  Isn’t it weird how moving can be painful but can also lessen the pain?  My muscles hurt and I’m pretty exhausted (I’m SO not getting enough sleep), but somehow my back is actually feeling better!

There are also other benefits to doing some exercise every day.  My brain is happy and I just feel better!  I’m honestly really excited to be back at it again.  Hopefully, it will continue to help my back, rather than hurt it.

Today, my hubby and I are going on a hike.  I’m so excited to get outdoors and to see how far he can make it.  The last time we went, it was before heart surgery, so he really struggled.  He’s looking to see if he can go farther than last time, so we shall see.  Then, maybe we’ll break out the grill!  Summertime is the best, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday everyone!

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SoCS – The empty feeling of not running

It has been a LONG time since I did an exercise or health post.  To be honest, I haven’t really exercised in ages and I’m far from healthy in terms of what I eat and how much weight I’ve gained in the past few years.  I decided to make a change (again) and instead of just jumping into something, I decided to make a plan.

I’m probably way over-thinking this, but that’s what I’m good at, so I will try not to let it get too out of hand.

I stopped running a few years ago (was it last year?) because I was in pain.  I went to a physical therapist once, but according to him, I had to relearn how to walk and run and I figured it just wasn’t worth it.  But I’m sort of missing it.  Now that it’s warmer, I see runners on the sidewalks and I am starting to realize that the empty feeling inside is longing.

I just had a thought today about when I went for my first run.  I did it because my sister told me that she had started running and she also told me how much she loved it.  My sister and I have this not so healthy competitive thing that happens with us, but this time, that competition got me up off my ass.  I was actually at her house, and the next morning I just got up and went for a run.  I didn’t have the right shoes.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  I just did it.

Boy, was it hard!  I hurt for a few days and barely ran for most of the mile I was out, but at the same time it felt so good!  After that, I was hooked.  Pain sort of deals a blow to all that nostalgia that running can offer, but I think I’ve learned enough about my body to understand what I need to do.

I’d already decided that I was going to go for a run in the morning, but then the doubts started creeping in.  Is it going to hurt?  What if I can’t run very far?  What am I even doing?  Who am I kidding??  But then the voice of reason reminded me of that first run and I am all set.

This blogger is going for a run tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping that it will help dispel that empty/hollow feeling that’s been plaguing me.  Even if it doesn’t, I’m sure there will be other benefits to it.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is “empty/hollow.” Use one, use both, entirely up to you. Enjoy!


SoCS – So Far Away

Isn’t it crazy how we torment our poor bodies?  I don’t know about you, but it seems the older I become, the more I can feel the torment.  It’s as if my body is saying, “Please stop feeding me so much, and please exercise!”  I’ve had points in my life where I said I would never exercise and I would eat what I wanted because life is too short, I love food, etc.  However, I’m starting to realize that maybe I won’t live so long if I continue in that particular manner.

I know I’ve been talking some this year about exercise and finding my new healthy me, but it hasn’t really happened.  I started on my lovely elliptical in January, overdid it and ended up sick for the next month.  I’m honestly scared to get back on it because I am one of those people who goes all in when I make my mind up to do something.  I’m starting to realize that after 40, you just don’t recover from things as quickly.

It’s hard to be patient.  I sit here and think about how I want to be lighter, healthier and more fit, and it seems so far away.  If only it was an easy thing to just enjoy the process along the way.

I did start a diet this last week.  I really dislike publicizing that, but maybe it’s a good thing to just let it all out.  I was planning to start exercising at the same time, but I actually listened to my body this time and realized that it probably couldn’t handle that much stress.  I know it’s been less than a week since I started, but honestly, I actually feel lighter today.  The scale probably wouldn’t agree with me, but I can feel my body changing.  Even if it’s only the lack of an awful lot of really crappy food in my body, it just feels better.

The other thing I did differently this time is that I didn’t step on the scale last week.  I know I should probably have a starting point so I know where to end up, but honestly, that’s pressure too.  I know myself, and that scale is just too harsh of a reality for me when I’m trying to stay positive and motivated.  The one thing that’s nice is that your clothes are perfectly happy to tell you where you’re at.  They don’t give you a number, but they do start to loosen up a little at a time.

So, there you have it.  My goals still seem so far away, but honestly, I’m starting to settle into this whole thing, and no matter where I end up on the scale, at least I feel healthier today and now.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is “so far.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!


SoCS and #JustJoJan Day 27 – Movement

I’ve been trying to be more active lately.  It has a whole lot to do with how I feel and also how I’ve allowed the pounds to sort of creep back on until I’m barely fitting into my clothes.  It also didn’t help that I injured my back last year falling down some stairs (what a mortifyingly funny story that is) and there are days I can’t bend over.  I use a hot pad on my back most nights just to keep it bearable.  I’m feeling pretty old and broken, but I’ve been pushing through the pain, or trying to at least.

I saw a doctor for the back pain.  He looked at my MRI and said he didn’t see a whole lot.  He did tell me that losing weight might help…. thanks, doc.  After whining a little bit and telling him that I’m in a lot of pain and this just isn’t normal, he finally referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  I didn’t make an appointment to see him, though.  I decided I’m going to try to exercise and be more active to see if that helps at all.  So far, it hasn’t, but it’s early days and there is still some hope that things will change.

I’m going shopping with my sissy today.  I’m really excited to see her and to spend time with her, walking and talking and hopefully finding a dress for an event we have in March.

My hubby got me an Apple watch for my birthday last year.  Really, the only reason I wanted it was for the Activity app.  However, that thing is a pain in the ass.  It doesn’t work the way other activity apps work, apparently, so I’ve spent the last month trying to “close my rings” and I’ve only ever managed to close one or two in a day.  I was so excited to start doing the elliptical because I really wanted to close all three, but no.  That damn thing doesn’t track exercise correctly.  It makes me feel like somehow I’m not exercising enough.  I’m currently doing anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day approximately 3 or 4 times a week.  The first time I did it, I was so excited to finally close that ring, but it said I only exercised for 10 minutes that day.  What a lie!  I was pretty angry and sort of gave up on that particular ring.

My goal is to get my steps in and to be on my feet more.  The watch has a cute little reminder and it happens at fifty minutes of every hour, if you’re not moving.  It says “Time to stand up!”  It’s pretty funny when we’re all in a meeting and half the watches in the room buzz.  None of us have tried to stand up in the middle of a meeting.  It might be funny to try it once, though, just to see what our boss says.

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#JustJoJan Day 16 – Contemplation

I spend a lot of time contemplating things.  I could blame it on being a writer, but sometimes I will get lost in thought about what happened at dinner last night or that conversation I had with my son on Sunday.  I think I woke up in the middle of the night about that one.  I honestly thought maybe I’d expressed my opinion too strongly for my fourteen-year-old, so I texted him the next day to make sure he was okay.  Of course, his response was, “I actually kinda enjoyed that conversation, it was fun.”

It’s amazing how the more you contemplate something, the more it changes or becomes something else.  I’d convinced myself that he was scarred for life!

I think this is also true for life in general.  If you just take a deep breath and stop thinking so much about it and dwelling on it, it will most likely pass and you’ll feel better.  That isn’t always the case, but I think it’s a good general rule.

I have gained some weight in the last two years, but for some reason, in the last two months, I was convinced I was going to break the scale if I stood on it.  Having received my brand new elliptical last week, I made it a point to check my weight so I could track my progress going forward.  It honestly wasn’t as bad as I’d convinced myself it would be.  Do I need to lose some pounds?  Hell yes!  But I definitely don’t need to spend time contemplating it and telling myself over and over again how awful I look.  Why are we so mean to ourselves?

The good news is that I can make the change.  I’ve exercised two nights in a row now and I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time!

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s word, contemplation, was suggested to us Cheryl at The Bag Lady.

#JustJoJan Day 8 – Pants and the hard truth they reveal

I’m going to do my best to not have this be a complete whine session.  I am in charge of myself, after all, but it does seem like life sometimes gets in the way of things, doesn’t it?  Take blogging for instance.  I know it’s a choice to write each day, but it is really hard to get past all the reasons why I just don’t have time to do it.  I, of course, have plenty of time.  I just have to drag myself away from the comfy couch, a blanket and whatever crap is currently playing on TV.

Exercise is also another thing that gets put off until some distant future when I feel better.  This, in turn, leads to what I’m planning to whine about today.


I know I’ve gained weight in the past two years.  If I ever dare to step on the scale again, it will tell me the honest truth.  Pants also tell a truth.  When you can’t get your favorite pair of pants past your thighs, that is a scary truth that is undeniable and almost worse than just stepping on the scale.

I’m going to blame my current state on stress.  Last year was rough, there is no doubt about it, but now it’s over and a new year has begun.  With it, also came some choices, such as buying an elliptical on January first.  I just had to.  It was either that or spend an extra thirty minutes at work and go to the gym they conveniently have on site.  Who the hell wants to stay an extra thirty minutes at work, though?  I know I don’t.  I’d finally convinced myself it was the answer but somehow my hubby logically convinced me otherwise.  I’m sure he’s right but my bank account sort of hates me right now.

An elliptical is one of those purchases that you want Right Now!, but unfortunately, we ordered it online.  The waiting is killing me, but I checked the status today, and it finally shipped!  This, of course, means that I’m free to eat and do whatever I want until the damn thing arrives.  Then, it will be time to get back into those pants that are just sitting there, waiting to be my friend again.


Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s word was suggested to us by Pensitivity101.

Mindful Monday – Geeking About Exercise

I picked up my own gauntlet last week and ran full steam ahead.  On Wednesday, I started the workout video I talked about last week, and I did it religiously until Saturday.

I know what you’re thinking… “Did she stop?”

The answer is a resounding “No!”

However, I didn’t do the video on Saturday… I actually did something even more fun and slightly more difficult.

My sister-in-law started a new gym a while ago, but they aren’t a traditional gym; at least, that’s the impression I’m getting.  Anyway, they held a free event on Saturday and, on a whim, I decided to go with her.

What a blast!  It was hard, to be sure, and I should have worn sunscreen, but I will always be down for exercise in the form of games.  I even have pictures for you!


They called it “Geek Games, The Second” and it was all based around Warcraft.  I think it would have been even more fun if we’d had enough people to make two teams, but those of us who did show up, rocked it!

This is our list of exercises:

I shot a bow and arrow, a fun little plastic number shown below, and I even hit the target once!  I wielded a sword (an actual one, not a plastic one) and we shot “spells” at each other in Wizard’s Dodge Ball.  The spells were actually exercises and if you were hit, you had to drop and do the exercise written on the ball.  I ended up getting stuck with 20 mountain climbers at one point.


“The Glyph” was a puzzle and if we hadn’t solved it after five minutes, we had to do five burpees.  I won’t even tell you how many burpees we did because we were given incorrect directions and couldn’t solve the damn thing!  But, I didn’t even care, because who can complain about more exercise?  (Well, I think anyone would, but we gave the game master plenty of crap about it).


The last one was “The Siege”

Basically, three of us had to drag that tire up a huge hill that you can’t see off to the left of the photo.  I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to do it, but we did!

I woke up Saturday morning not feeling very well and I almost texted my partner in crime to let her know I wouldn’t be there.  But, after thinking about it, I decided that I’d rather get out and do something physical than sit around the house all day feeling sorry for myself.  I’m so happy I went, even if I was sore as hell on Saturday and Sunday.


It was hard to get up this morning and go back to my workout video, but I did it!  I’m well on my way to making a habit and getting exercise back into my life, and Saturday serves as a great remember that exercise is hard, but it sure can be fun!

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