Mindful Monday – Running and Pain

When I was in high school, I remember someone made a suggestion that we run a 5K.  I remember training hard for it and getting so excited for it, but a few months before the planned event, I started to notice pain in my hip.  I stopped running and saw my doctor.  He told me he couldn’t find anything wrong and I eventually forgot about it; but I also stopped running.

I didn’t start running again until my mid-thirties.  The pain started again, but it wasn’t as bad and it wasn’t constant.  I found a few stretches that actually helped it and I was able to manage it.

However, in the last few months, I’ve noticed the pain has actually increased quite a lot.  It isn’t something I can ignore any longer, as much as I might want to.  It hurt pretty bad last week, but I decided to run a 5K with my son last Saturday.  We didn’t run the whole thing, but by the time I crossed the finish line, I was limping and I’ve been in constant pain ever since.

I think it has something to do with a nerve because the pain shoots all the way down into the right side of my calf.  I have a doctor’s appointment and I’ve stopped running and working out all together in an effort to rest and heal.  However, it isn’t just going away like it has in the past.

I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t run any longer.  It is such a release for me.  I’m sitting here looking out the window as I write this, thinking it is such a perfect day for a run.  I’ve almost talked myself into it a few times today, but I need to find out what is causing the pain and see if I can fix it somehow.  Living with constant pain isn’t something I handle well, if the last week is any indicator.

Until I can figure it out, I’ve decided to focus more on eating healthier.  I’m not great at “dieting” so for me it has to be watching my intake and all the little things I let creep into my diet when I’m not paying enough attention.  I’m hoping I can find a balance that will work and I’m sincerely hoping I can keep running.

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Mindful Monday – Letting Things Go

Part of my journey to healthy living has been learning when to let things go.  I made a very specific plan a few weeks ago on the blog and then I ended up getting sick.  I’m back into a routine again, but I realized today that I had to let one of those things go.

It’s not easy though.

In many way, I feel like a failure.  I sat at work and thought about it for a good twenty minutes trying to figure out the new workout schedule and I finally realized that four days was good enough.  I didn’t have to do five days just because I made a plan and wrote it down.

I’m realizing that I need flexibility in my workouts; not only because I have kids who basically view me as a chauffeur when they’re here (that’s not to say that I don’t love doing things for them), but also because I have a job that requires late nights sometimes.  And there’s really no way to know when all those things will happen.  So, it makes it difficult to have a planned class at a certain time.  I thought going to the one on Saturday would work, I but I did that once and I didn’t like the time or the fact that it was at a gym farther away from my house.

Are all those just excuses?  Absolutely.  But when they continue to be excuses, you start to realize that maybe you need to make a change in order to eliminate the excuse.  It’s not like I’m not exercising, because I am.  The problem is this class.  And the only problem is the set schedule.

The sad part is that I really like the class.  I also really like the instructor.  I feel like I’m failing her because she was so supportive; but honestly, if I’ve learned anything from this exercise journey, it’s that you have to do what works for you.  And sometimes it doesn’t help to bull your way through an issue.  Many times that only makes it worse.

Note to self: That is also fabulous life advice…

So, I’m letting my exercise class go, but I’m still planning to run twice a week and lift weights twice a week.  I figured that will be good enough for now and I’m hoping it will eliminate the stress I’ve caused myself in trying to keep to the set class schedule.

I just had the thought that I obsess way too much about this stuff sometimes.  It should be easier than this, shouldn’t it?



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Mindful Monday – Finding What Works

I’ve been so excited to write this post.  I’ve had so many amazing insights this week and while it wasn’t easy to keep motivated and to workout as much as I said I would, I did much better than I could have imagined.

If you didn’t already know, I am a person of routine and habit.  I go to the grocery store and follow the same path and buy pretty much the same things every other week.  If something comes up that is out of the ordinary, I can handle it as long as I have some kind of warning.

I think that’s why my exercise has been so random in the past six months.  I didn’t have a plan.  I was sort of enjoying what I was doing, but I didn’t feel like it was having an impact and it definitely wasn’t a habit.

Last week, I found an app that showed me some exercises on the workout machines at the gym.  Not only that, it actually walked me through how to do it so I didn’t have to guess.  Most times, I don’t use the machines because I have no idea what they do or how to use them.

I ended up doing “leg” day on Wednesday and honestly, that almost did me in.  I didn’t start walking normally again until yesterday… which means I completely overdid it.  I was thinking I was at a certain level, but your body has a way of letting you know that nope, you shouldn’t have lifted that much weight no matter who was looking at you or judging you.  But now I have a routine I can use to do leg day.  I ended up winging it for arm day because I’m not as concerned about my arms.  I did an assortment of machines that worked out a lot of my upper body and I’m happy with it.

So, my new routine is as follows:

  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – Leg day
  • Wednesday – Arms (and maybe the bike if my legs are okay, haha)
  • Thursday – Run
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – Combat class (An hour of high-intensity cardio)
  • Sunday – Run

I feel like this is something I can stick with and I’m actually excited that I figured out something that will work for me.

The other thing I realized this week was that exercise isn’t easy.  Every single day I struggled with that voice saying it was okay to skip the day because (insert lame excuse here).  I also learned that I need to be nice to myself.  I have a tendency to push myself farther than I should because I need to have a better time or I need to lift more.  I’m not here to win a competition, so it really doesn’t matter how fast I run that mile and a half or how much weight I lift.  The goal right now is to be consistent and to have fun!  There will be time for pushing myself once I’ve established a routine.

So there you have it.  Basically restating my goals, but finding new and better ways to accomplish what I set out to do.

Once again I have to thank my sister.  She is still the voice that keeps me going and I believe I wouldn’t have run yesterday if she hadn’t texted me and said, “I hope you go for that run.”



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Mindful Monday – Goals and Whatnot

When I started following Mindful Monday, I don’t think I realized it would become my exercise platform, but here we are.  And today, I’d like to talk about my goals.  I’m not a huge goal person, meaning I don’t have a list on my wall of things I need to complete.  In fact, I try to avoid them; or at least, that’s what I tell myself.  I know they happen whether I want them to or not.

Two years ago, my sister and I set a goal to run the Tough Mudder and even though that didn’t happen, there were a few  things that did happen.

  1. I came to realize that I am stronger than I ever imagined, not just mentally and emotionally, but physically.
  2. I also realized that I am capable of committing to an exercise program for an extended period of time, but it helps to have someone walking the same path who is there to push you when you just don’t feel like it.
  3. That summer, I was in the best shape of my life and I felt fantastic.
  4. I found that I don’t necessarily like all exercise and while that doesn’t always matter, it helps to find things you like to do in order to sustain momentum.

Two years later, I am in a huge rut and trying to find what works for me.  Writing that list has helped me a lot.  Just knowing what I accomplished makes me feel like I can do it again.  I’m beating myself up that I let it go and fell into a rut, but I know I don’t have to stay here.

Today, I am making the decision to work out every single day in one form or another with Friday’s off.  The thing that happened the last time was that I didn’t let myself have excuses because I couldn’t let my sister beat me; and I knew she didn’t take days off unless absolutely necessary.

Now, I don’t have my sister pushing me to be a more healthy me.  In fact, most days she needs me to lift her up and keep her going.  But whether she realizes it or not, she has always been and still remains the voice in my head pushing me further.  She is honestly my hero in so many ways.  She can’t exercise hardly at all anymore, but that doesn’t stop her.  I know she walks her dog every single night, even when she can’t do it alone.

I know I’ve said it before and I am saying it again.  I’m going to exercise for both of us, just like she asked me to two years ago when she realized she no longer could. (I love you Sissy! )

Happy Monday everyone!

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Mindful Monday and #LoIsInDaBl Day 22 – Mindful Exercise

As I’ve mentioned, I started going to a gym in October of last year and they offer classes with my membership.  The only class I was truly interested in when I started was Yoga, but the only one I could go to was on Monday evenings at 7.  I went for about three or four weeks, but as luck would have it, they discontinued the class because they didn’t have enough people.

I went a few months in a bitter state but finally decided to look into some of the other classes they offered.  I really found that I didn’t like Zumba, so I took a chance and tried a class called Body Combat.  It’s basically fighting with music – punching, kicking, jabbing… it’s fun as hell, but I haven’t done much cardio in the past year and it’s a rough class.

I started following the instructor on Facebook and went a few weeks, then I had three weeks in a row where I missed the class.  Last week I received a message from the instructor asking me if I was okay.  I didn’t think I had gone to the class enough to have the instructor even notice me, but she did.  And I realized that it is easier to keep doing something as strenuous as this class when you have someone who either does it with you, or at least someone who motivates you to keep going (Thanks Marlo!).

I finally ended up going tonight despite a headache and feeling very off.  The one thing I realized afterwards is that I didn’t notice my headache while I was busy moving and following the instructor.  The only time I noticed it was when I actually thought about it.  Isn’t it amazing what our minds can do when we just let go?  It makes me wonder how much we, as a society, actually need all the medication we take (but that’s a subject for another day).

I love exercise!  How about you?

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