Teaser Tuesday – Memory of Water

I read this book last fall and to this day, I’m still not sure about it.  The writing was absolutely beautiful and I think that’s what kept me going back to it.  Reading it  was almost like a meditation, but it was also a really sad story.

(I inadvertently put in a sort of spoiler, so if you want to just skip to the quote, feel free.)

Memory of Water

I can’t even imagine a life where there is a water shortage.  Memory of Water by  Emmi Itaranta is what I consider a dystopian story with the villagers against the government who may or may not be hoarding water.  I think I got caught up in the idea of a journey to find water and when that really never happened, I was left feeling sort of let down.  But I will also say I think it is totally worth reading.

I bought the book on iBooks, so my teaser comes from page 53  of the e-version.  I hope you enjoy!

“Water has no beginning and no end, and the tea master’s movement as he prepares the tea doesn’t have them, either,  Every silence, every stillness is a part of the current, and if it seems to cease, it’s only because human senses aren’t sufficient to perceive it.”

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Friday Fictioneers – The Storm

PHOTO PROMPT – © Emmy L Gant

“The storm’s coming,” she said as black clouds billowed across the sky.  I remember how calm she was, and it washed over all of us despite the growing dread that took root in my stomach.   No one could have imagined what the storm would bring, including my mother.

It felt like only moments after she spoke that the elements transformed into a raging beast, clawing and crashing its way across our lives.  I don’t know how anyone survived.  Most didn’t.

Living among the devastation is a constant reminder of everything and everyone we’ve lost.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction prompt where we are given a photo and asked to write a 100 word story – beginning, middle and end. This one came in at 94 words and I ended up using the photo as, I don’t know… I didn’t know what that was on the table so I drew my inspiration from the sky.  I hope you enjoy anyway!

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Friday Fictioneers – The Last Survivor


When I saw the door for the first time, I cried.

I’d been out in the devastation for so long, barely surviving, that I couldn’t even remember what safety felt like. I didn’t really believe the signs that led me here, but I didn’t have anywhere else to go. There was nothing left. I grabbed onto the last spark of hope I had managed to find in over a year and followed the hand-written signs along the highway that promised walls and safety.

Looking back, I can still hear the moaning mass of dead slowly shambling in my wake. It was risky to open the door; but they did, and I managed to slip into safety just in time.

I was the last to come through the door.

We haven’t seen a survivor in decades, but the door remains – a beacon for those who might still be out there.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction prompt where we are given a photo and asked to write a 100 word story – beginning, middle and end. I wrote this one to 150 words before I realized this wasn’t Monday’s Finish the Story; but I like it as is, so I decided to leave it.

It’s my first time posting for this prompt. I’m hoping it will be a regular.

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#frapalymo – Marching Into Oblivion

Zwillinge: Die Künstlerin hat sich gefragt, wann der Zeitpunkt ist, an dem aus...

Marching Into Oblivion

An unknown enemy
A doomed world
Fleeting hope fighting
For survival
Sand and smoke swirl across the horizon
Raging fires ablaze
Desolation screams through
Isolated valleys
A red orb slowly falls from the dusky sky
Recruited children
Called to fight
Unfathomable war
Machines strapped across
Tiny limbs
Helmets cover vacant eyes
Marching into oblivion

#frapalymo is hosted by @fraupaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blog The Bee writes. Today’s prompt was to pick a photo from the photo artist Vee Speers and write a poem. I couldn’t find the above photo on her website, but the original prompt included an article or a sight where I found it (if you click on the photo, it will take you to that site). All the photos I saw were really interesting, beautiful and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend checking out the other work available on the actual site I have also linked to.