Some of you may remember this post here where I talked about gaming and how I get sucked in to a new game and spend way too much time playing. I happened to mention that I was about 751 levels into Candy Crush and had no intention of deleting it but that I had just that day deleted Clash of Clans from my phone. That one decision, however, led to a whole host of things that have changed the balance in my life, I kid you not; because once you purge one thing from your life, it’s almost easier to look at the next thing and think, “I deleted that one game, why not this one?”

I realized about a few days after I wrote that post that games are really just a distraction and it felt awful to play games all day and then be upset that I didn’t write or I haven’t read a book in about two months.

I’m one of those people, as again already stated, that just jumps in. I don’t waffle; I usually don’t second guess. I just do it.

In the two weeks since I deleted that particular game off my phone and anywhere else it was saved, I have started reading again; I have blogged more than I was and have actually enjoyed the process rather than it feeling like pulling teeth or grinding words onto a screen; I have also started doing things around the house that I’ve been thinking about for ages, like cleaning up the hard drive on my computer and downloading music to my phone.

I’m enjoying this time I seem to have found and wonder why the hell it took me so long to realize that a distraction can become something else entirely and it will start to eat away at your life if you let it. I’m not against gaming at all, there just needs to be a nice balance where you are accomplishing things and taking a few moments for the distraction, rather than letting the distraction take over your life.

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