In Memoriam

I’m going to take a step away from Friday Fictioneers today to remember my beautiful nephew.

Today marks the twelve year anniversary of his death.  I’m honestly not sure why the day has affected me so much, but it has.  I wasn’t able to think of a story or really anything else other than Mikey.  I’m wondering if it has something to do with his brother…

Brody was born in December and I can only hope that in some way Mikey and Brody met.  Either way, I know Brody will always know of Mikey because his memory will always be alive as long as we all are.

I downloaded some pictures and collages that we have created of Mikey  over the years that I will include at the end.  My sister-in-law created probably the best one so far – a side-by-side of Brody and Mikey…  He was only 18 months old when he died, a far too short of a time for him to be here.

I was thinking today of the few memories I have of him…

I waited at the hospital longer than anyone and when he finally came into this world, I was one of the first ones to hold him after his parents.  I will forever remember his bright red hair.

When my brother and his wife at the time walked into my house with Mikey when he was six months old, his hair was standing a good six inches off his head – not laying down but standing straight up.  I told them he needed a haircut, but they just couldn’t.  His hair was beautiful, but it was way out of control, lol.  I don’t even know how much longer it took them to give him his first haircut.

I also remember his smile and how he started knowing who I was.  He called me “Tia” and would say “Tia” to his mom when he didn’t want to go down for a nap… I so would have helped him out if I’d been there.

I haven’t talked about Mikey in a long time and honestly, it’s hard… but today it was meant to be.  I feel his spirit close today and I can’t help but think he will always be with us in some way.

Thanks for joining me today in remembering our little angel.






SoCS – Egging someone on, but not in a good way

How did the term “egging someone on” ever come to be?  I’m just curious enough to go look it up…

Isn’t Google an amazing thing?  I don’t do too much work for things like this and this was the first link that showed up on the feed when I typed in “egging someone on origin”.  According to the link, the egg in this phrase has nothing to do with an actual egg, but is a variant of the word edge – to edge someone on.  Which I suppose makes more sense for actually giving someone encouragement, but I hear it used more, and actually use it more when you are pissing someone off and you want them to get even more upset.

It makes me think of my boys.  I know they love each other, but they are two totally different human beings.  Jaxon plays football, loves being outside and can’t stand to just sit in the house.  Andru loves the computer and computer games and tends to be more in his own imagination than present in this reality.  They’re just opposites in so many ways.

Andru was a spoiled shit when he was younger – yes I admit that he was the baby and we coddled him too much.  I think Jaxon knew that and started picking on him pretty young.  I’m not sure Andru has ever had patience for it, but these days, when Jaxon walks downstairs and does whatever he does to “egg” Andru on, Andru goes from calm to rage in about one second.  Jaxon always responds with something totally innocent too.

Today he said, “But I love you Andru…”  He loves him so much he will walk in a room and the first thing he does is bug his brother.  It doesn’t even matter what it is.

Anyway, that’s what I think of when I hear the term “egging someone on”.  I’m not sure I can switch my brain to think it’s a positive thing either.  I’ve been thinking about it for a few minutes too… having someone “egg” me on with running just doesn’t have the same meaning to me as having someone support and encourage me.

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Love Is In Da Blog – Loving Siblings

I love my siblings. Some of us are closer than others, which might have something to do with a huge age difference between my older brothers and sister. They were already grown and actually tended us sometimes when I was younger. We all stay in touch for the most part, but there’s only four of us who stay in regular contact… the total number is nine, just in case you were wondering; and I’m not the baby, but I’m pretty close to it. If you ever saw my younger brother, you wouldn’t think he was the baby. We call him “little brother” just to tease him sometimes because he’s six foot something and two hundred something pounds (I honestly have no idea how much my brother weighs and I’m not very good at guesstimating weight, but hopefully he’ll forgive me if I’ve grossly overestimated the numbers). Needless to say, he’s a big guy!

I’m lucky enough to call one of my sisters my best friend. We talk almost daily and there was a year or two not very long ago where I basically lived at her house. We just seem to get each other. If we haven’t talked in a while, you can guarantee one of us will be on the phone bitching the other out for not calling in so long. We’re only eighteen months apart so we haven’t always been this close. There was a lot of needless competition and misunderstandings when we were younger, but I’m happy we’re past that stage.

The best way I can describe the relationship I have with them is a post my brother put on Facebook a few months back. It was a picture that I’d seen floating around on my feed for a while, but my brother decided it would be funny to post the picture with only one comment: Helen Espinosa. I guess I’m that one sister. (Image courtesy of Etsy, although I have no idea if that is the original or not…)

I wrote a bit about them last year when my brother had this crazy idea to do Tough Mudder together. Since it was his idea and he and my sister had to talk me into it, it was pretty funny that I was the only one who could have actually done it when the time came. We ended up transferring our tickets to this year and I’m really trying to gear myself up for it, but it will most likely just be me this year too. It sounded fun when we were all going through the pain of training and talking about it and working towards it; going solo sounds like a lot less fun.

Where would I be without them? We’ve all been through so much in our own lives and growing up together and I’m happy to say we’ve sort of come back together in the last ten years and I couldn’t be happier.


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