I’m going to keep this really simple (I think…)!  My name is Helen Espinosa Vahdati.  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and I currently reside in a suburb just outside the city.  I have three beautiful children, Adelle, Jaxon, and Andru.  I was going to include their age, but that will continue to change, so I will just say they are older – my youngest is pretty close to entering those teenage years that everyone seems to dread but I’ve actually enjoyed.  I include them because I have a lot to say about being a mom and will most likely feature them quite a bit.

I have always loved to write, but it isn’t something I ever did consistently.  There was a time in my life I thought I would be a singer, but everything was sort of pushed aside when I had Adelle at the age of 20, which is really only the excuse I used for quite a while not to pursue my talents and do the things I love.  I came late to the blogosphere, only starting the follow process about a year ago.  It was through reading blogs that I started to feel my dormant writer come to life again.

My blog is about my life as a Mom of three not-so-young children, running, writing and really anything else I feel passionate about.  I am also doing several flash fiction challenges on a weekly basis, which has been amazingly fun and is helping me grow as a writer and be more confidant.  Every time I think I can’t write something – a particular voice, style, theme, or whatever – I have been able to produce something (so far).  I am also enjoying the writer community – like-minded folks just plugging away at a computer spitting out words.

I want to thank the few people in my life who support and love me through this process and for really pushing me into doing this.  I’m not sure I would have ever made it past my own self-doubt without your voices telling me I was good enough.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.


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    • Thank you for stopping by. I feel the same way! I loved what I read of your poetry and it is getting easier to hit “follow” and to like posts and actually comment. I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but am loving the community and all the amazingly talented people! 🙂


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  6. Discord or calm 

    Are we in the land of discord or calm?
    What are the creatures behind my palm?
    what are the eyes in the wall?
    Tell me the reason for the fall.
    What is the congregation of voices saying?
    What foundation are the hands laying?
    What is the opposite of woeful pride?
    What is on the other side?

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  13. I’m so glad I happened upon your blog. It looks so interesting–I’m a mom of older kids, too. Life is interesting as they age, I age. I look forward to reading more! 🙂

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