SoCS – Sometimes, things don’t go as smoothly as planned

I started a project last July (has it really been that long?), and to say the least, it hasn’t gone as smoothly as anticipated.  I stopped working on the project a few months after I started, and it pretty much sat there until right after Christmas.

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas.  This last time, I really didn’t celebrate it all that much and once it was all said and done, it made me really sad.  I guess I like it more than I was willing to admit to myself, and not really celebrating it left me feeling depressed.

So, I made a decision, went out and bought a Christmas tree and decorations and vowed that Christmas 2018 was going to be the best one yet!  This all brings me back to that project I’d started.  I had decided to crochet blankets for each one of my kiddos and I finally ended up finishing the one I started in July sometime in March (I think).

I then moved on to the next one and finished that one around the beginning of April.

I then started on my daughter’s.  The funny thing about it is that somewhere around the second row of squares, I made the decision to give it to her for her graduation.

All this time I thought I had suddenly disappeared, and to make matters even worse, I wasn’t really liking the colors in the blanket.  Two weeks before graduation, I found the perfect color and ended up redoing the first two rows and replacing the color I didn’t like.  The blanket was so much better, but that left about a week and a half to finish the rest of it.

I don’t even know how I managed it.  The Saturday before we were supposed to leave for her graduation, I crocheted something like 15 squares and my wrists were on fire.  I also developed some weird rash on my wrists that would get worse every time I crocheted.  That didn’t stop me, though.  I crocheted another 14 squares on Sunday and ended up finishing it on Tuesday, two days before we left.

I can’t decide if this was all a good or a baaad idea, but it happened.  The down side was, of course, the pain and the weird rash.  It also left me little time to blog or do much of anything besides crochet.  She loved the blanket, though.  I managed to pick all her favorite colors, which was somewhat difficult because all she told me was “fall colors” were her favorites.

I certainly feel a sense of accomplishment.  I also plan to crochet many different gifts for Christmas this year and am truly grateful it’s only May so I have plenty of time to get them all done!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is “on the farm.” Find a word that has a farm animal sound in it, i.e. sMOOth, and use it in your post. Bonus points if you include three or more. Have extra fun!



15 thoughts on “SoCS – Sometimes, things don’t go as smoothly as planned

  1. I’ve crocheted blankets but they took forever, two hours per square and 100 to 120 squares per blanket. I gave one to my Mum (my sister has probably put it in the dog’s bed now) and kept the other two.
    As for Christmas, we’re celebrating in July…….. better weather and much less commercialised!

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