SoCS and #JustJoJan Day 27 – Movement

I’ve been trying to be more active lately.  It has a whole lot to do with how I feel and also how I’ve allowed the pounds to sort of creep back on until I’m barely fitting into my clothes.  It also didn’t help that I injured my back last year falling down some stairs (what a mortifyingly funny story that is) and there are days I can’t bend over.  I use a hot pad on my back most nights just to keep it bearable.  I’m feeling pretty old and broken, but I’ve been pushing through the pain, or trying to at least.

I saw a doctor for the back pain.  He looked at my MRI and said he didn’t see a whole lot.  He did tell me that losing weight might help…. thanks, doc.  After whining a little bit and telling him that I’m in a lot of pain and this just isn’t normal, he finally referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.  I didn’t make an appointment to see him, though.  I decided I’m going to try to exercise and be more active to see if that helps at all.  So far, it hasn’t, but it’s early days and there is still some hope that things will change.

I’m going shopping with my sissy today.  I’m really excited to see her and to spend time with her, walking and talking and hopefully finding a dress for an event we have in March.

My hubby got me an Apple watch for my birthday last year.  Really, the only reason I wanted it was for the Activity app.  However, that thing is a pain in the ass.  It doesn’t work the way other activity apps work, apparently, so I’ve spent the last month trying to “close my rings” and I’ve only ever managed to close one or two in a day.  I was so excited to start doing the elliptical because I really wanted to close all three, but no.  That damn thing doesn’t track exercise correctly.  It makes me feel like somehow I’m not exercising enough.  I’m currently doing anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day approximately 3 or 4 times a week.  The first time I did it, I was so excited to finally close that ring, but it said I only exercised for 10 minutes that day.  What a lie!  I was pretty angry and sort of gave up on that particular ring.

My goal is to get my steps in and to be on my feet more.  The watch has a cute little reminder and it happens at fifty minutes of every hour, if you’re not moving.  It says “Time to stand up!”  It’s pretty funny when we’re all in a meeting and half the watches in the room buzz.  None of us have tried to stand up in the middle of a meeting.  It might be funny to try it once, though, just to see what our boss says.

Just Jot It January and Stream of Consciousness Saturday are hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt is: “movement. However, don’t use the word “movement.” Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “SoCS and #JustJoJan Day 27 – Movement

  1. Good luck. Once you get moving again you’ll feel so much better. Believe me, I know. I used to be bordering on morbidly obese. I used to weigh about 80 more pounds than I do now. I’m definitely no skinny mini now (I’m at the upper end of the healthy BMI range) but I think of how bad I used to feel all the time.

    I personally go for a run every morning. If I don’t I feel like shit the rest of the day. It helps jumpstart my day and it feels so great. Whatever you choose, find something you like and stick to it.

    Pulling for you!

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    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m getting there. I was in the best shape of my life 3 years ago, but now not so much. It’s almost harder to get back to that point than it was to get there the first time, but I am dedicated. It will happen!!


  2. It may be a good idea to try the meetings standing up all the time. I knew someone who did that for all meetings. The meetings were far shorter, and the same amount of decisions were made. Better for posture too. If it’s a meeting of just one or two people then try a mobile meeting, taking a walk, and recording events on a phone!

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  3. I would say, just try and stand up one day in the meeting and just fo a lap around everyone. That would be epic. So sorry about your back. I feel your pain when it comes to clothes not fitting. I had to go to my sisters’ place and carry half her clothes coz none of mine were fitting anymore. It was a big pain. It helped that she had lost a lot of weight recently so we could do a swap. Good luck in getting the steps in. It’s my current struggle as well.

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  4. That weight creeping up is sneaky. know from experience I will feel better with more exercise and less weight. Certain yoga poses have helped my back a lot. We can do it! But don’t over do it! 🙂

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