#JustJoJan Day 9 – Daily Dose of Coffee

Coffee and I haven’t always been on good terms.  I can say that I’ve always loved the aroma of coffee, though.  I remember walking through some store when I was younger and commenting that I loved the smell of coffee.  Now that I’m trying to bring up the memory, I can’t seem to recall which store it was or why it smelled like coffee.  I do, however, remember that I was raised to believe that coffee was bad.

Now, I can’t even imagine why.  It’s a bean, for goodness sake.  It is also an allowed drink on a diet (minus the creamer and sugar) so that’s good enough for me!

When I first drank coffee, there was a lot of cream and sugar in it and I can’t really say I enjoyed it.  Now, I enjoy it on a daily basis and even spent an entire summer drinking it entirely black.  That wasn’t my favorite, to be honest, but I don’t put nearly as much creamer in it now as I did when I first started drinking it.

The thing that makes me laugh is that I forget about the caffeine part of it.  The last two times I was at the doctor’s office, I was complaining about some aches and pains and he asked me if I was a daily caffeine drinker.  I actually told him “no” both times, which is hilarious because I drink two cups of coffee a day.  When asked the question, I really only thought of soda (which is funny) and answered incorrectly.  I did amend my answer and the doctor kindly told me that if I cut back on caffeine, it could help.  (That hasn’t happened, yet, so I still have those aches and pains).

I’ve also become a coffee snob in many ways.  I blame it on the day job.  They have some pretty terrible coffee, and I endured it for about six months before I finally decided to bring my own from home.  The thing about it is that my hubby and I had decided to start buying Starbucks coffee because we didn’t make it every day and we deserve that one bit of goodness in our lives (on the weekend).  We can totally afford that, right?

Fast forward two years and I’m buying a bag of Starbucks coffee every two weeks for probably triple the price of Folgers.  I don’t even care, though, because it is just that good.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s word, coffee, was suggested to us by Barbara at teleportingweena.

7 thoughts on “#JustJoJan Day 9 – Daily Dose of Coffee

  1. I have Fibromyalgia and was part of a clinical trial where I stopped drinking coffee (and caffeinated sodas) for seventeen months. Those of us who used no caffeine… and took the meds, were supposed to see a marked decrease in pain and inflammation. A handful of participants did. Of course, I was in the group who didn’t.

    I declined taking part in further studies. If I’m going to hurt anyway…I’m drinking my coffee! 😉😄

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  2. Thanks for writing to the prompt of ‘coffee’! I used to drink only black coffee, but now use a flavored creamer, or even half & half. I think the flavors have some sugar in there, but I don’t normally use any sugar. I like a Starbucks coffee now and again, but for some reason it seems too strong for me. I just use Folgers here at home. 🙂

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