#JustJoJan Day 2 – Boisterous Crowds

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a boisterous crowd.  I’m pretty much a home body, and given the choice between having plans all the time (or even sometimes) and staying home, I would choose home pretty much every time.  I try to make concessions for my kids, but thank goodness they are old enough to make their own plans or stay home and do their own thing.

The worst is when you’re in a crowd and you’re ready to ramp things up but everyone else is sort of hum-drum.  It happens sometimes at concerts.  The last concert I took Jaxon to, we went to see one of the opening bands that apparently no one else in the crowd had heard of.  We stood up and jammed to the music, but everyone else was sitting down.  The guy in front of us even went so far as to whine about the band.  I very much dislike judgmental people, especially when it comes to music.  I wanted to say something, but I kept my thoughts to myself, which is pretty good for me.  I could have said some choice things about the headlining band… they put on a great show, but it just wasn’t my kind of music.

I like smaller venues for just that reason.  Usually, you’re all crowded into a very small standing-room-only space, so you’re sort of forced to get boisterous with everyone else or look like a total idiot standing still in the midst of a swarm of jumping bodies.  I’ve done it before, but it isn’t much fun.

I must be getting old because just the memories of those crowds and jumping up and down to loud music makes me tired.  I’m sure I’ll go to concerts again someday, but I much prefer my sweats, the couch and a nice warm blanket!

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Today’s word was suggested to us by Dan at No Facilities.


17 thoughts on “#JustJoJan Day 2 – Boisterous Crowds

  1. I’m with you. When it pertains to entertainment venues, I prefer staying home. If it is for work, advocacy, my son, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, or school, then I’m okay…..sometimes 🙂

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