#MarquessaChallenge – The Awful Truth

Riley’s heart was beating so fast she feared the sound was resonating through the room. She burrowed deeper into the covers even though sweat was dripping down the back of her neck. She could hear his footsteps coming down the hallway and even though she was anticipating his arrival, it still sent shivers down her spine. She didn’t realize she’d been holding onto the hope that it was all just a big mistake. She wanted to believe Sam, knew she should believe her, but she also knew that sometimes kids played make-believe.

She heard him pause at the bedroom door and then heard it slowly opening. He hadn’t turned on the hallway light, but her eyes had already grown accustomed to the darkness in the room.

“Sam, are you awake,” he whispered?

Riley’s stomach turned and bile rose in her throat.

“Baby girl, it’s Daddy. It’s time to play our little game.” As he spoke, she heard his feet rustling on the carpet and saw his shadow moving closer and closer to the bed. She watched in sick fascination as he leaned down and slowly started to pull the covers back.

“What the hell?” He stepped back, but she was already climbing out of the bed with a gun aimed somewhere in the center of his body. “Riley! Sweetie, I can expl…”

The sound of the gun reverberated through the room over and over again until she clicked for what seemed liked the thousandth time and no more bullets came out. Finally, the only sound that remained was the ringing in her ears and the ragged gurgling of her husband’s dying breath.

#fictionfriday is brought to us by Simply Marquessa. Today’s lyric prompt is:  “Payback is a bad bitch…”


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