#Fiction Friday and Song Lyric Sunday

I have some exciting news for everyone!  Marquessa Mathews of Simply Marquessa reached out to me and wants to join forces for a fun blogging adventure in September.  The best part is, it is all about music!  My life over here will pretty much stay the same with my Song Lyric Sunday posts, but she will be starting a #Fiction Friday Challenge on Friday.  Click on the link and check it out for yourself, but here is a small blurb from her post:

“I will be posting a song lyric as a writing prompt fr YOU. If you don’t like the lyric I post, you can simply use another you hear or just write according to the essence of the song. Flash fiction, regular fiction, poem…it will be up to you!

If you take the challenge, I’ll ask you to pingback to the post or drop a your link post in the comment box.”  

We’ve agreed to reblog each other’s weekly posts so we can all participate in sharing our love of music through lyrics and flash fiction/poetry.

Please go check out Marquessa’s blog and find her new challenge tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to all your creative writings, and as always, tune in on Saturday for the Song Lyric Sunday theme.

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