SoCS – Flippant in the best way

I’m not going to lie, I had something I wanted to post and when I first read the prompt I was worried because it doesn’t really fit. But, I’m going to make it work, even if it is a bit flippant.

Speaking of flippant, my thirteen year old son is pretty much a wiz at it.  He can say some pretty off-the-cuff things and has been known to turn something really serious into something down right funny.  I think it’s a mixture of being intelligent beyond his years with a dry sense of humor.  We had the strangest, most amazing conversation via text message the other day, and I’m going to let you all in on the awesomeness.

Also, I don’t consider this cheating because every response was stream of consciousness, as you will see.

Andru was looking for something in the garage and this is how it started:

Me: I’m a box on the back wall. On like the second shelf?
*In. I’m not a box. LOL

Andru: Are you sure you don’t want to be a box? That would be awesome. You could some square pants and stuff.

Me: It would be rather boxy…

Andru: But it would be a cool boxy.

Me: What if it’s hot though?

Andru: Well I mean if you borrowed some from spongebob they would be at right?

Me: But he’s a sponge…

Andru: But he’s also boxy

Me: I don’t know. I think I prefer Patrick.

Andru: So you only like stars?

Me: Stars are cool.

Andru: No they aren’t they are actually really hot.

Me: Yeah, but space… 🙂

Andru: But they’re still too bright and hot.

Me: It’s better than being a boring square box.

Andru: But square box’s are very fancy in their own special way.

Me: Describe one…

Andru: They have 6 sides while stars have none.

Me: But stars have cool points and they sparkle and shoot and blow up and shit. Way cooler.

Andru: Well actually all they do is pitifully fall down towards the earth and die. While boxes on the other hand can provide support when trying to scale walls and can hold stuff when you really need it.

Me: The box would have to be full in order to offer support when trying to scale walls, so really, it’s just a place to put things. A star, however, is ALIVE!

Andru: But the stars are made of gas. Like fumes gas. Also that’s the greatness of the box, you can change it and shape it however you want. Stars just burn you to death and blind you.

Me: Yeah but that’s still way cooler than a boring, old box. I’d rather die blinded by a star than huddling cold and alone in a box.

Andru: But boxes can warm you and love if you treat them right. And whoever said that a box couldn’t be cool. Also with a star, the star would most likely be the reason you died while the box would be trying it’s best to keep you alive.

Me: Well, a box could possibly keep you somewhat (barely) warm in winter if you have nothing else. But it could also be suffocating in summer. It is also a fire hazard. I also think there’s more of a possibility to die from a box than a star. Boxes are everywhere and could catch fire or crumble underneath you. A star just minds its own business out in the vastness of space, while providing a delightful spectacle.

Andru: But boxes are closer, they provide a strong bond. A star can’t do that. They just sit out there like douchebags laughing in your face because they are bigger and brighter than you.

Me: Those elitist assholes. But honestly, as I said before, they’re cool as shit and they know it, so I’l give them a pass. Boxes only provide a strong bond if they themselves are strongly bonded. Otherwise it’s just crumbling cardboard which is usually just in the way and in need of recycling.

Andru: If they are not very strongly bonded than you can just fix them up. Yeah boxes do come with a little baggage but anyone would prefer a little baggage over something that’s only good is that it looks cool.

The debate was pretty much done at that point, but I’m curious about what you think. Boxes or stars?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday  is hosted by Linda G Hill.  Today’s prompt is “pant”. 


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