Understanding and Acceptance

The events of my life in the past few months have caused me to reflect a lot on what is temporary and what is permanent.  I had a boss once tell me that when I was upset, the best thing to do would be to write it down and put it under my keyboard and then look at it a week later.  He surmised that when I looked at it again, I wouldn’t be upset about it anymore.  I can’t say I liked the guy very much, but in this, he was pretty accurate.

I’m constantly amazed that when something is given enough energy it can become bigger and bigger, but when you set it aside for a while, it becomes something different, smaller perhaps.  It doesn’t necessarily go away, depending on what it is, but when you give something room to breathe, it brings new perspective and new insight.

I’ve also been reflecting on life in general and how tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Trying to live in the moment is difficult, at best, but I believe it’s the best place to be.  It brings a higher appreciation for things when you’re not worried about tomorrow or what happened yesterday.  If only I’d remembered that at dinner tonight…

Sometimes I wonder if this understanding we are all searching for is truly a thing, you know?  Can you ever truly understand another person’s motives for doing something?  But trying to understand seems like it causes even more pain because in the process of trying, you seem to relive everything that happened.  Which, I suppose, is what they call acceptance.   Accepting that you’ll never fully understand.  Accepting that things are okay right now and moving on from here, because no one can go back and change the decisions they made in the past.

In the midst of the chaos that was the last few months, I’ve found a deeper appreciation for life and love and for holding on to those you love and letting them know every single day how much they mean to you.

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt – Temporary


10 thoughts on “Understanding and Acceptance

  1. The desire to understand can lead to growth, even when we don’t feel like we understand. But we’ll get glimpses of awareness and more clarity when we listen with the goal to understand. I love your questioning mind.

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  2. Life is a test. Each day is a journey as we continue to learn who we are. It would be wonderful to go back and erase all the bad, but it is also wonderful to look back and be taught by those past experiences. God has given us the ability to know who we are and what we can become. Thanks for sharing sweet girl. Love you!!!

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