SoCS on Sunday – MooDoo

I’ve been wanting to spend more time here on the blog.  I’ve been managing to keep up with Song Lyric Sunday, but that’s about it.  I feel sort of direction-less when it comes to writing and my blog.  I want to write more, but I feel like my energy should be spent on that book that I’m not really writing right now.  So, do I post more on the blog or continue down this path of not really doing anything?

It’s a conundrum for sure.  I suppose it’s good that I’m recognizing what’s going on.  Now the next step is to actually do something about it.  I’m just wondering when I actually will…

So, I wasn’t really planning on SoCS this week, but then I happened to see some of the posts from yesterday and realized that I surprisingly had something to write about the word “moo”.

Yesterday was a sad day for our family.  We met at the cemetery to mourn the loss of my nephew exactly 13 years ago.  I picked up Andru from his Dad’s house (it ended up just being me and him since Jaxon had to work and my fiance wasn’t ready to stand out in cold weather for an indeterminate amount of time) and from the second I picked him up, he talked to me about his computer game.

I feel like a terrible mother sometimes, but when he starts talking and keeps going on and on about a game that, while I’ve seen him play, I don’t have much interest in, it sort of all starts to blend together at a certain point.  He finally realized how much he’d been talking and asked if we could stop to get a drink.  We barely made it back in the car before he started in again.

I actually stopped him and reminded him he needed water… He managed to figure out how to open his water and then kept talking.  When we finally made it to the cemetery, I was happy to hand him off to his cousin.  They spent the rest of the afternoon talking and sharing everything about their games and whatever else teenage boys share.

We always go to lunch afterwards and since we were all going to the same place, both boys ended up in the car with me and I happened to overhear Andru tell his cousin about his online screen name, which is MooDoo.  When he first started playing games on the computer, he was young and he loved the name “Flames”.  I’m not sure MooDoo is a step up from that, but I think he believes it is.  Listening him tell his cousin how he came up with the name, I think about as much thought went into it as went into “Flames”… maybe even less.

But he seems to love his online gaming name and it gave me something to tell you all for this version of SoCS on Sunday.

I hope you are all having a fantastic day, however you are choosing to celebrate it or not.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G Hill.  Yesterday’s prompt was “moo”.



5 thoughts on “SoCS on Sunday – MooDoo

  1. I could relate to the conundrum of how much time to spend on the blog compared to the book, and other social media, and LIFE.And I know we are not alone, Helen. Thanks for keeping up with Song Lyric Sunday, with so much on your plate. Otherwise, blog when you feel like it. The only way I made progress on my book was to have certain days when I made an appointment with myself to work on the book first thing, before going to social media or blogging, cause once I go to those things, time flies and is hard to catch again. I can also relate to glazing over when someone goes on and on about things we are not interested in. I’m glad my husband enjoys working with tools and wood in the garage as I imagined my partner doing when I didn’t have a partner. But I sometimes have no clue what he is talking about so excitedly and try to smile and nod in the right places.

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