SoCS – My hampered ability to write and finding a way back

I haven’t been writing much on my blog as of late, and I honestly have no excuses this time, which makes it glaringly obvious that it’s just me.  Or maybe it’s the cold or the chaos all around us right now or… I’m sure I could come up with any number of things and swear they were hampering my ability to write.

The truth is, I just got out of the habit.  I also changed my writing space (something that was a necessity with the move) but I don’t feel as comfortable.  It’s weird because I have a more comfortable chair and I am in love with my house, so I can’t quite fathom why it’s so much different.  I’m thinking that in the townhouse I was at least in a “separate” are and could tune out what was going on around me.  Now my desk is pretty much right next to the TV, which makes it difficult.

We do have an office, but it is also a guest room, and that is currently being used, so my desk isn’t moving anytime soon.  Although, now that I’m thinking about it, I may just move it downstairs.  We have this huge space downstairs which goes relatively unused, especially when my boys aren’t here.  I would still be out in the middle of a living room, but I think it will be easier to find more quite time to write.

I still manage to surprise myself sometimes, though.  I was pretty down about the whole writing thing this week and in that state of mind where I thought I’d lost the ability to come up with a story in my head.  I follow Friday Fictioneers and the first time I looked at the photo, I told myself it was useless.

Then, I was driving to work yesterday morning sort of drifting in my thought process about that photo, when suddenly it all came to me.  I couldn’t get to work fast enough so I could write it all down.

I’m thinking I haven’t lost the ability to write at all, I’ve just lost my focus.  And that, my friends, isn’t as mind numbing to think about.  All I have to do now is set aside time and really get back into the swing of things.

So, hopefully you will all see more of me here on the blog.  My psyche is in need of purging since it’s doing it anyway in my dreams, which is not necessarily a fun process.

Happy Saturday everyone and Happy Writing!


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is both hosted by Linda G Hill. Today’s prompt is “ham”.


12 thoughts on “SoCS – My hampered ability to write and finding a way back

  1. Funny how focus just comes and goes sometimes. I go through spells where I just can’t string a sentence together, and other times when I can write 5000 words a day! Hope you get your mojo/ muse / inspiration back again soon! X

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  2. This blog post is very relatable. I finished up my Nanowrimo novel at the beginning of February, so for a little while all I wanted to do was take a break from writing. But lately, I’ve felt like I’m lacking material or content to work with for a personal essay. It can be a little disheartening when you are in a writing rut but I’m glad to hear that you’re back in the swing of things. 🙂

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  3. I only struggle with writing through feelings. If I am frustrated I don’t want to start sounding angry through my words, even if I don’t mean to do that. The focus is vital. I do agree. I hope to read more here, from you, as your voice is uniquely yours. It may take some time to get to know your new home, even though you love it already. The writing will be a part of all of that I am sure.

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