JustJoJan Day 17 – The Burden of Complaining

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of this year so far complaining, which isn’t so much fun for you guys to read, I’m guessing.  I also had a pretty rough day yesterday, but I honestly couldn’t even tell you why.  There really wasn’t a reason for it, other than it was a Monday and I just wasn’t thinking clearly.

I’m feeling much better today, though.

Adelle asked me to send her a care package (which included an extra cell phone because she’s pretty awful to her phones and she can’t upgrade until May).  I was planning to get everything at lunch and then stop at the post office after work.  I ended up not being able to get everything at lunch because I didn’t realize I still couldn’t walk more than a block or so without hurting.  (When is this going to be healed? Sheesh!)

So, I was thinking about the fact that I was hurting and before I left work I decided to go straight home and finish it tomorrow.  However, as I was leaving the parking lot, I decided what the hell.  I turned the other way and stopped at the grocery store.  I was looking for some very specific things in a store I wasn’t used to, so I ended up walking around the store longer than I wanted.  Then, when I finally checked out and was on my way to the car, I realized I’d forgotten something that was on the other side of the store.

I decided right then that I was for sure going to wait until tomorrow to send the package, even if it meant a little longer lunch standing in a line at the post office.  But wouldn’t you know it… I found a Walgreens on my way home (a much smaller store) and ran in to get the last thing.  I also realized that the post office near my house was open later, and I still had another 25 minutes.  I ended up making it in time and getting her package sent off.

For all the negative thinking I did throughout the day, I was still able to get done exactly what I wanted to and now I’m home, sitting in front of my computer and relaxing.  I’m thinking I could have saved myself a whole hell of a lot of emotional turmoil though (because, strangely I get all emotional when things don’t go exactly as I want them to) if I had just stayed positive the whole time.

I guess the moral here is that complaining seems to add to your burden.  It is much better to approach things with gratitude and a positive spirit, if for nothing else than to ease the stress your own thoughts can cause.


Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt, complaint, is brought to us by Willow.


8 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 17 – The Burden of Complaining

  1. I definitely agree with you. I’ve focused some effort on trying to see possibilities rather than give my energy to complaining. Doesn’t always work; but I almost always feel better when I can succeed.

    So glad you got Adele’s package out to her, and that you’ve had a better day.

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