JustJoJan Day 12 – Books and Romance

I’m not sure when I started reading romance novels, but I was youngish.  Don’t worry.  They were pretty “vanilla” romance novels.  I moved on to more “hardcore” romance novels in my twenties and then, I’m not sure when or why it happened really, but one day I realized I just didn’t enjoy them anymore.

I was going through all my books that have been in storage for three years, and ended up making a huge pile of books to give away.  I also made a list of books I realized I don’t have but actually need and want.  I guess I don’t actually need them… but in a way I really do.

There’s just something about seeing a full bookcase, isn’t there?  I don’t walk downstairs very often, but I did yesterday, and I ended up doing a double-take at the books on the shelf.  I love books and reading.  It gives me a tingly feeling just thinking about it.

I definitely need to make more time to read.

I’m just realizing that some of these Just Jot It January posts are like SoCS for me.  I honestly went into this one thinking it was going to be about romance and love and having that tingly, butterfly feeling for my Fiance (still), but then books sort of took over the day and I’m not sure I can turn it around at this point.

I do think that romance novels warped my idea of love as a kid.  It’s not that they were all lighthearted and fluffy, but they made it seem like love was something that I don’t think it actually is.  I’m also starting to realize that many of the novels I read were actually more about abuse rather than love.  Isn’t that sad?

I read Fifty Shades of Grey and the only reason I finished the whole series was because I wanted to see if Ana would come to her senses and leave Christian.  That isn’t love, folks, and it drives me nuts that they are marketing the movies as a love story.  I’m also remembering a “love” story I read once about a guy who kidnaps a woman he “loves”, rapes her repeatedly and she ends up “falling in love” with him.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t even believe I thought that was good!  Granted, I was in my teens and sadly, abuse is what I knew.

Anyway, this post is going downhill pretty fast.

I’m not saying all romance novels are about abuse or that they are all bad.  I’ve read some really good ones that I would probably read again.  But, I’ve found new reading passions and I’ve finally found that person who walks beside me every day and makes each day that much brighter because he is a part of it.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt, warning, is brought to us by Tessa at Always a Writer.


5 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 12 – Books and Romance

  1. The next Fifty Shades movie comes out on my birthday next month. It’s strange how a fad like that sweeps along at such a hurried pace. Not all of us stop to think what it really is all about. Romance does mean something different to us all though. Love and books both produce that tingly feeling. I used to read a lot of Danielle Steel books when I was sixteen and thereabouts. I didn’t experience real love until later, but it wasn’t like the books, not by a long shot. I like to see where your writing takes you in these posts. Keep them coming if you can.

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    • Agreed, romance means something different to everyone. I also read a lot of Danielle Steel. 😉

      I almost didn’t get this one done tonight, but I am determined to write as much as possible. Thank you for the kind words of support!

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  2. Reading is such a wonderful part of life. Of course the things I read are much different than what you read, but I really love the romance novels that I read. I am currently reading a great series by Anita Stansfield. It is a delightful read. I am so glad that you are getting back to reading. Love you sweet girl!!

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