JustJoJan Day 3 – A warning sign or a funny little man?

I know I’m just like many people out there (who am I kidding, it’s everyone); I rely on my cell phone and the apps contained therein for much of my information.  I really dislike watching the news, but that used to be what I watched to get weather updates.  I remember I used to stay up until 10:20 or so (and sit through the other gruesome shit) just so I could have a relative idea of what tomorrow’s forecast would be.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that the weather forecasts used to be more accurate.  I look at my weather app (thank god I no longer have to watch the news) and sometimes the information will change hour by hour.  One time it says snow, while other times, I kid you not, it says partly cloudy for the exact same day.

One of my friends told me there was a storm coming in tonight and that it’s going to be bad enough to close schools tomorrow.  I live in Utah, folks, and the last day they closed the schools for snow, I believe I was in high school.  It just doesn’t happen.  An inch of snow, a foot of snow, kids are going to school and I’m spending my time driving two to three hours to work because people are idiots driving in the snow.

I’ve been looking at my weather app all day, and one time it said the storm would start around 5pm, now it is showing 7pm.  But when I was driving home, I could see the light from the setting sun, meaning there was cloud breakage on the horizon.  So, I have to ask myself, how good is the weather app for a warning sign if it isn’t even accurate?

I’m starting to think there’s a funny little man, sitting at his computer screen, making this shit up just to play with people’s heads.  He is wringing his hands and laughing as he abruptly changes the forecast from heavy snow to partly cloudy just to watch little children cry because now they do, in fact, have to go to school tomorrow.

I’m going to work either way, so I guess it’s no skin off my back.  I’m of a mind to just delete the app, though, so I’ll stop looking at it, thinking it might somehow be accurate.

Just Jot It January is hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt, warning, is brought to us by Dan Antion at No Facilities.



13 thoughts on “JustJoJan Day 3 – A warning sign or a funny little man?

  1. Hahahahah. I am one of THOSE people who actually uses their phone as a phone. Who am I kidding? I just recently found out what an app was. I am a dinosaur and proud of it. Technology is a tether not a tool.

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  2. I find the forecasts are more accurate at different times of the year. In the summer, especially, I almost always count on it doing the opposite of what they say it will. Maybe the funny little man’s job is seasonal. 😛 Haha.

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  3. You are so right. Loved your writing. You write in a way that it holds peoples attention. Love you sweet girl. Have a great day and keep smiling. Sounds like you are feeling much better.

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  4. It’s like Chicago: no matter how cold or how much snow is on the ground, the schools don’t close and you’d better be on time to work. Atlanta, on the other hand… even the threat of snow closes the schools and creates a run on bread and milk.

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