My Overly Dramatic Notice

I’ve been meaning to write this post all week, but that just goes to show you how hectic my life has been.  I realized last week that I needed to take some time off and I was going to mention it, but it hasn’t quite happened yet.

So, here I am, letting you know (even though it’s already technically happened) that I’m going to have to take a break for a while.  I’m still going to post Song Lyric Sunday each week, but everything else is on hold for now.

We are trying to sell our house and looking for a new one and I honestly had no idea it could be this time consuming, stressful and pretty much all-consuming in every way possible.  Add to that the fact that my daughter is in town and the day job is freaking crazy, and it just means that when I get home, I vegetate.  I’m definitely not motivated to blog.

I’m hoping to be back in a few weeks to a more full schedule, but for now, I hope you continue to enjoy Song Lyric Sunday.  Remember that I’m thinking of you and missing all of you and the wonderful presence you’ve been in my life.

(It sounds like I’m actually saying goodbye, which I’m not.)

(I’m so dramatic)

(I think I spent a little too much time with my daughter today… if that can even happen…)

I love you WordPress community!!


24 thoughts on “My Overly Dramatic Notice

  1. We all need breaks at times. Take care of yourself first. You know where to find us if you need us (and if you ever need a listening ear away from the blog, feel free to hit me up – contact details on my home page).

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  2. And we love you too Helen. We all need a break at times. Moving is one of the all time high stress events. So take it easy, find your house, buy it sort it out then return . Alternatively you could blog about the whole thing! 😉😊😋😎😍😘. Take care and see you soon. Xxx

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    • Lol, I’m going to do my best to keep it going. I just might have to stop listening and commenting on every submission (even though that’s the best part!). I’ll just have to play it by ear. Thanks, Kathie!!


  3. Good luck for the house hunt and no, you are not dramatic just polite :-). We have got our mortgage at last and hopefully soon move!!!!!! Take good care of yourself!

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  4. Moving is time consuming!! Take care of yourself. I will miss your blog, but I will enjoy your Sunday music blog. So glad you got to spend some time with Adelle. Love you dear girl!!

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