Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 8/14/16

I have a tendency to find bands and singers I like and only listen to those ones.  My daughter opened my eyes to a much more diverse music library, but I still find myself falling back on the old “favorites” playlist.  It’s nice, but I do love finding new music.

Also, I realized this week that my “favorites” playlist has to fit on a phone that is running out of space, so it’s pretty limited.  My son reminded me this week of a band that I started listening to a few years ago and completely forgot about.  When he played one of their songs, it was almost like discovering them again for the first time.

What about you?  Are you stuck on the same singers and bands or do you branch out and listen to new things?  Well, if you’re the type to listen to the same things, this one might be tough for you because for tomorrow’s Song Lyric Sunday, I want us to post new music (at least new for you).  Post a song you heard recently for the first time and fell in love with.

While I have many times in my life when I don’t hear anything new that I like, I do find something on at least a monthly basis, so I’m thinking this one shouldn’t be too hard.  🙂

As always, feel free to post a song that has nothing to do with the theme.  We’re all here to share music and have fun after all.

Here are the “rules”:

  • Post the lyrics to the song you choose
  • Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due and it’s honestly just a simple Google search
  • Make sure you also credit the singer/band and provide a link to where you found the lyrics
  • Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song
  • Ping back to this post or my own Song Lyric Sunday post
  • Read at least one other person’s blog so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process

Feel free to use the Song Lyric Sunday badge by copying it into your post or add it to your site to show you are participating.



34 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 8/14/16

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  2. I knew I was going to cheat and just reblog a heavy metal band. I don’t listen to heavy mental (oops, I seem to always want to add that n).
    I also apologize for not participating as much as I should by bouncing around and listening. Maybe that’s why I’m even more of a heat cheat.
    Take good care, the cheating heart.


      • Okay, I just read your post and I understand now. Perhaps I wasn’t as clear in my theme as I thought. The theme was to post new music you’ve heard lately. It didn’t have to be from the Song Lyric Sunday posts. Either way, great post. I love that cover!! 😉


  3. I learn about new bands/singers 3 ways: 1. Someone posts it on facebook 2. Theme song for TV or movie (I don’t watch much of either) or 3. Your prompt! So, my first thought, gosh the only new music I’ve heard much is hear. Addled by heat, my mind never considered else where. And, Draiman and Sound of Silence truly is in my top 10 right now. A friend posted his performance on Conon O’Brien and I must have hit replay 50 times!!!!! I don’t think I’ve heard any new to me music lately, unless I’ve heard a new song by an artist I’m familiar with. You have to realize “new” music is anything after about 1980, 🙂
    Great idea for a prompt, by the way.

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  8. This one was hard for me. I really haven’t been into finding new music for about two years because it disappoints me when I find something I like and then can’t listen to it. As my kids got older I wanted to follow my sister’s example and connect with them through their music and it was going great till I couldn’t anymore, so my daughter found a work around. She rediscovered Fall Out Boy awhile back and realized that I could listen to it, so she shared them with me. Even though she is no longer really into Fall Out boy, this is the band we listen to when she is driving me places. The song I am posting is her favorite song of theirs which I just listened to for the first time.

    Twin Skeletons
    Written by Andrew Hurley, Jo Vaughn Virginie, Joseph Trohman, Patrick Stump, Peter Wentz

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    • I had no idea she liked Fall Out Boy. They are a hit and miss band for me. Some songs I like but others I don’t. I can’t wait to listen to this one though! I think it’s so fun to connect with our kiddos through music. 😊


    • I’m starting to think American Beauty/American Psycho is my favorite album of theirs. I really like their song Centuries, but I think this song is even better! Thanks so much for sharing it and for participating!


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