SoCS Badge Contest Entry

I’ve been wanting to do this since Linda started the Badge Contest for Stream of Consciousness Saturday two years ago.  I finally just decided to sit down and figure something out, with a little help from my son, Andru.  I had one all done and he looked at it and told me he didn’t really like it.  So, I went back to the drawing board a few times and he gave his “sort of” input so I could get this one done.

I think he got tired of all the changes and different things I tried because he finally checked out, but I think he was still a huge help. 🙂

The picture is one I took at lunch this year (there’s some pretty amazing scenery by my work), but I played with it a little bit in the picture editor on my phone.  I hope you like it!

SoCS Badge 2016-2017

Oh, and don’t forget to go to Linda’s blog and vote next Thursday for your favorite one.


15 thoughts on “SoCS Badge Contest Entry

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