Mindful Monday – A Long Lost Friend

I stepped back into blogging on Saturday and I’ve been feeling much better about life.  I also feel like I want to take that next step to a healthier me.  It’s been a rough few months of pain, extreme emotion and trying to find my place in my own life, but I realized a while ago that if I was going to make any significant changes, I needed to be coming from a better place.

I feel like I’ve finally reached that place.  Maybe I won’t allow myself to run anymore, but there are things I can do, I just haven’t wanted to do those things because, I don’t know… I was grieving?  But, now that I’ve basically pulled my head out, I’m realizing that I may still be able to run, I just need to work my body up to it and do the things that will stretch those muscles and make it easier to run.

I don’t need a physical therapist to show me how to exercise… maybe it would help, but I spent an entire summer running more than I ever have with no pain whatsoever.  I think the reason I was able to do that, though, was because I was also doing cross-training.  I believe there were things in those exercises that worked the muscles I need for running.

So, I’ve decided to force myself back to cross-training.  I’m giving up the gym and my running shoes and I’ve decided to put in a DVD!  My sister gave me a DVD workout series forever ago and I did it for maybe a minute, but then I stopped because… well, I liked running way more.  I’m realizing, though, that I like a more toned, thinner, healthier me, too, so I need to do whatever it takes.

Will it be hard?  Absolutely!  Am I ready to do it?  Yes I am.

I’m giving up 45 minutes of laying in bed every morning, but I’m committing to a full 4 months of this video.  I’m excited to see the results, not just at the end, but along the way.  I miss that high you get when the endorphins are pumping, and I’m looking forward to it.  It’s like I rediscovered a long lost friend and I can’t wait to catch up!

How about you?  How are your goals going?

Bee at A Spirit of Healing is currently hosting Mindful Monday while Colleen at Silver Threading is away.


13 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – A Long Lost Friend

  1. Congratulations. I am glad you found your way and I am impressed: 45 minutes earlier is quite a commitment. But I believe you can do it and it feels like you are in a much better place. So glad to have you back!

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how we grow and change and become the person we want to be. Good luck sweet girl and sweet success to you. Love you and have a supper great day!!

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  3. Wow!! good for you! I started biking again after 15 years or more!! I bought a lighter hybrid so now there is no excuse to lift it…I keep it in the entrance so I bump into it every day. I also purchased an elliptical exerciser I keep in my dining room facing the patio..have to push myself to do that one but am trying to get into a routine. Walking during my meal breaks when it is not too hot so instead of doing my normal 4 to 5 km a day I am trying to get 8km (10,000 steps) I really need to check out this Mindful Monday more often…great post!!

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  4. You go girl!! I can really relate! Even though I am not a runner, I have dance-walked (speed walking to rock and roll) for many, many years, outside or on a treadmill and have not been able to for 15 months. That sucks. Restarting feels impossible but you are inspiring!! Thanks!

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