One-Liner Wednesday – The Dizzy World

I went with Jaxon on Friday to get his wisdom teeth out and I have to tell you, that boy is a comedian when he is pumped full of drugs.  I thought I would grace you with his “wisdom”, even though it breaks the rules this week (I always seem to break the rules, haha).

Me:  Do you want to lay back and close your eyes?

Jaxon: No, I wanna experience the world… how it is.

Me: How is it?

Jaxon: What?!

Me: How is the world?

Jaxon: It’s dizzy, man.  It’s way dizzy!

One-Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Click the link, read the rules and join in now! You won’t regret it!


7 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – The Dizzy World

  1. What an awful experience to go through. But I loved the things he said. Please give him loves from Grandma. Love you sweet girl. I have sometimes thought I should not put person things in here. Hope you don’t mind.

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