Mindful Monday – Positive Self-Talk and Acceptance

I’m constantly amazed at the power of the human mind; however, I’m thinking of it more in terms of derailment rather than it’s ability to heal and move on.   I spent the entire weekend wanting to escape, and I believe I succeeded rather well.  Did it serve a purpose?  Well, yes, in the short term.  Did it help?  Not at all.  In fact, I’ve set myself back almost an entire week because my escape choices didn’t lend themselves very well to dieting.

I remember telling myself at one point in my life, probably more than once, that dieting is terrible and I sincerely hoped I would never find myself in a position to have to do it again.

I’ve been thinking though… is it really necessary?  It’s so stressful and I spend more time being negative about the way I look, what I’m eating and how I’m feeling than I do being positive about those things, even though I know in my heart that positivity is much better for making any sort of meaningful changes.

So, as of right this moment, I am no longer “dieting”!  I’m going to accept myself for what I am right this moment.  Am I going to continue to eat less portions?  Absolutely!  Am I going to keep climbing the stairs every morning at work and adding exercise back into my lifestyle?  Yes I am.

What I’m no longer going to do is look at myself in the mirror every day and call myself names or tell myself I’m huge or any of the other terrible things I say to myself.  I’m okay just as I am and it’s time I start loving myself again.

When my fiance says negative things about himself, I can honestly tell him that I love him no matter what and he will always be beautiful to me.  However, when I say the same negative things to myself, I accept them and feel terrible.  Why is it easier to love someone else no matter what than it is to love yourself?

I’ve struggled with self-image my entire life.  I believe many people do.  And it’s not an easy thing to change.  But the only way to change negative self-talk is to replace it with positive words and images.

It’s time to accept myself and the choices I’ve made to get myself to where I’m at today.  I believe until I do, I won’t see any real changes.

How are you doing with your goals this week?

Bee at A Spirit of Healing is currently hosting Mindful Monday while Colleen at Silver Threading is away.



4 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Positive Self-Talk and Acceptance

  1. Ah those negative self-talk have GOT to STOP!! I hear you loud and clear. I tell people to think positive,I correct someone who puts himself down and in French there is an expression, “le cordonier mal chaussé” which means, the shoemaker with bad shoes. That I can relate to and kudos to you for having these goals. I have dieted about 3 or 4 times in my entire life and I am old…so that is what I think of dieting…I rather take charge of what I put into my body . Escaping with comfort food…I can relate…escaping with reading, like I used to do reading 3 to 4 novels a week, I stopped this excess because, Gee! my problems were still there…so writing saved me…it is an escape as well as it is a solution to many things that may be bothering me. I usually open up a bit more at Tracesofthesoul though but still…writing and reading amazing, insightful blogs like here are may ways to cope.


    • My blog is my way of coping as well. It helps to write, even if you’re not writing about whatever hell is churning inside, writing something is a release.

      And yes, positive self-talk is something that needs to happen in my life. It’s gotten out of hand.

      Thanks so much for your comments and for stopping by. ❤


  2. Change is hard but when it comes it feels good. Love your bog and your positive outlook. It gives me lots to think about. Have a great day and remember I love you

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