Mindful Monday – Learning to embrace change

I can’t believe it’s been another week… the time is just flying by.  It makes me think about how quickly things can change.  Change is a way of life and as much as I don’t like change, it happens every single day.  The way my world looked a year ago is completely different than what I’m living now.

Last year, I was working a job I thoroughly disliked and I was unhappy as hell.  I felt like I was going backwards in my career, not only with compensation, but also with what I was doing.  It was a pretty rough situation.  Looking back now, I’m amazed that I almost ended up staying…

I’d been halfheartedly looking for a job and hating every minute of it.  I remember one random Sunday I sent my resume to two different places while I was making my Monster page public.  Two days later, I couldn’t even remember the name of those companies or what the jobs were.  You can imagine my surprise when one of them called me two or three weeks later.

I decided to set up a phone interview, but two days before it was supposed to happen, I almost cancelled it.  I was talking to my Fiance about how maybe things weren’t that bad at the current job and things were starting to change.  He told me I should keep the interview, “it’s good to have options,” he said.  I still almost cancelled it…

I decided to keep the appointment and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that I did.  I’m moving up quicker than I thought possible and I have a boss who respects me and sees my potential.  She has raised my pay twice in less than a year and I have another pretty fancy title coming my way as well.  I’m finally happy in my day job after three long years of feeling in-between.

What does all of this have to do with Mindfulness?  I believe it’s about not attaching too heavily to the situation you’re in today.  Accept it, be in the moment, but also know that things will be very different in a week, a month and most definitely a year.

I have a hard time with change, but it can be a good thing in the end.

Bee at A Spirit of Healing is currently hosting Mindful Monday while Colleen at Silver Threading is away.



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