Friday Fictioneers – The Long Hike

Thanks to Piya Singh for this week’s photo prompt.

Hiking was her passion, and luckily for her, there was a trail right outside her back door.  It seemed every day she ventured farther and farther from home.   The last time, she’d gone so far, she didn’t make it back until after dark.

She didn’t mean to go farther today, but somehow her feet continued to carry her forward.  The air sizzled with heat and stuck to her skin.  Flies buzzed around her and she watched as happy squirrels darted past her feet.

The abandoned shack appeared around the next bend and taking one look at it, she knew she wasn’t going back.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly flash fiction prompt where we are given a photo and asked to write a 100 word story – beginning, middle and end.  This one came in at 103 words.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Long Hike

  1. Good story. I got the impression that she loved being out in the beauties of nature and going back to that shack was not a happy way of life for her.

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    • It’s interesting how everyone reads things differently. I think she loved being in nature so she decided to stay alone in the shack because she’d found a new home. But this one was pretty open for interpretation. 😊


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