Samus (Sammy) – 12/11/07 – 6/1/16


Gentle spirit
How quickly time has passed
From tiny chocolate ball of fur
To grizzled old wolf

You spent your life
Enveloped in happiness
Running and jumping
Flopping and licking
As dogs will do

Man’s best friend
Turned protector

How can I let you go?
How can I ask you to stay?

No longer in pain
You’ll soar in the heavens
With those you love
But I hesitate,
Still unsure… until
Amber eyes gaze into mine
“Please release me”

A wave a peace settles
As we say our goodbyes


Samus in backyard


14 thoughts on “Samus (Sammy) – 12/11/07 – 6/1/16

  1. My heart aches for your loss. We take these beings into our lives, knowing the future — inevitable and heartbreaking every time. Yet without the love given and the love received, how impoverished our lives would be. I know Sammy felt well loved, and I’m sure, someday, the happy memories will outweigh the pain. ❤

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  2. You captured such a beautiful poem to tell us about Sammy. The pictures are priceless. Your poem made me cry because I remember how she always bounded into the house after being in the back yard excited to have someone pet her. Love you sweet Helen!!

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