English #frapalymo Day 2 – Reflection

I see you, reflected there
staring back at me
upside down
and all around
the wrong side of me

I see you, reflected there
laughing back at me
I’ll never live up
to the image I see
I’ll never find me

I see you, reflected there
crying back at me
I think I know
what it really means
to live with me

I see you, reflected there
smiling back at me
peace is reflected
from deep within
I finally see me

#frapalymo is hosted by @FrauPaulchen and is translated by Bee on her blog Just Fooling Around with Bee.  Today’s prompt is: wrong way round in the mirror… which was taken from a tweet by  @_drsarkozy.


Feel free to play along.  Here are Bee’s suggestions:

  1. read the translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt
  2.  write your English (German if you can/want to) poem on your blog and tag it with “English #frapalymo.”
  3. use the “English #frapalymo” picture if you want to
  4. set a link to the translated prompt here on Bee’s blog
  5. visit other links posted here and if you want to/can those posted with the hashtag #fapalymo on Twitter
  6. The Bee will post your link to the German #frapalymo and translate for you if you want to. Now go, create and have lots of fun!

9 thoughts on “English #frapalymo Day 2 – Reflection

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