Mindful Monday – The Importance of Sleep


Sleep is one of those things I take for granted much of the time until I find myself facing a day after a night with very little of it.  I’m always shocked at how different my body feels.  The only way I can describe it is out of control.

And the other strange thing is it isn’t just my body.  It’s also my brain and my emotions.  I’ve found that sleep, or lack of it, affects everything.

I think the reason I was hyper-aware today was because I wanted to make sure I didn’t break down at work or do something really stupid (like almost fall asleep while driving to work this morning).

Here is a pretty small list of things I experienced today:

  • My eyes were gritty and seemed to see the world in a different sort of light – almost like everything was slightly yellow around the edges
  • I felt like I was surrounded by fog
  • I found myself staring at something and losing myself in it, not being able to look away
  • There were times when I felt a breath, an almost yawn, rise up from my stomach and by the time it reached my throat, it felt like I was going to cry
  • Thoughts came slower than normal

I can’t imagine what happens to those of you out there who suffer from insomnia.  I had one night where I slept maybe two hours, but my fiance is going on three nights with maybe five hours total in those three days.

I know some people can’t control their sleep patterns, but for those of us who can, I can tell you that it’s important.  It’s important when you are on a mindful path.  It’s important when you suffer from depression because, for me at least, lack of sleep heightens my depression.  It’s that totally out-of-control feeling that I dislike feeling, only it’s almost worse when you add in sleep deprivation.

I’m looking forward to my bed and a long night of sleep; although, somehow I’m scared that I want to sleep so badly that I’m going to find myself staring at the clock every hour and counting down the total amount I’m going to get as it grows later and later.  Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

Happy sleeping everyone!

Bee at A Spirit of Healing is currently hosting Mindful Monday while Colleen at Silver Threading is away.



7 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – The Importance of Sleep

  1. Hi Helen, thanks for sharing your experiences. I always had a lot of trouble with falling asleep and I know now that this is one symptom of PTSD and of course Depression. Usually I “fought” it with reading. Lately, though I have discovered something called “binaural tones” which are strange noises which affect your brain. You can find lots of videos on YouTube about them. The reason I tried them was my fight against me grinding my teeth at night. I can’t bear my mouth guard anymore but the grinding got so bad that I was in constant pain in my neck and had bad headaches. I did not want to use pain killers as I don’t think they help over a long period of time. Somehow I stumbled over those binaural tones and found the whole concept a little dubious. However, I thought it can’t harm to try them out after my neck and head pain got unbearable.

    So I put one of the videos against teeth grinding on my phone and listened to it before falling asleep and it not only nearly stopped my teeth grinding but also helps me to relax. Now I have made myself a video list with three videos. There is one more to help me sleep and one more to raise serotonin levels which is good against depression. So far I had no side effects whatsoever besides feeling better and having less pain. You can check my list out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PD3KDX1i68&list=PLeTxQF1s0KtOdjzmFf5_FGemxKjiCjfRy
    I have to admit it needs a little getting accustomed to it and maybe it is just a placebo but I don’t care: I sleep and I hardly grind my teeth. And if I believe those tones did it then it does not matter what a GP tells me. I hope you fall asleep easily tonight and get a good nights sleep 🙂

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  2. I find myself at time going to bed and just lay there wondering why I can’t go to sleep, or waking up at midnight unable to go back to sleep. I agree. It does make a big difference in how you struggle through your day. Thanks for sharing.


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