Updates and hopefully helpful information about Mono

I posted on Monday about my son who had been sick for a few days.  The thing about it was that I knew what was wrong.  I really did.  I just started doubting myself for reasons that would probably take too long to explain here.  But, when your son can’t really walk for a few days, you start thinking of other, really horrible scenarios, and sometimes it’s easier just to take him in and have a doctor confirm it.  Only, our doctor isn’t really helpful like that.

He didn’t see anything that made him think anything other than injury, but I knew it wasn’t an injury.  So, I put a stop to his line of questioning and asked him if it could be related to Mono.  Andru was diagnosed with Mono (Mononucleosis) last September, so he’s had a rough go of it the past few months.  But the doctor looked at me like I was nuts and proceeded to tell me The Symptoms Of Mono.

Only, Andru wasn’t diagnosed with the normal symptoms; in fact, the doctor we took him to in September said he just had a virus and was literally ushering me out the door, but I pushed.  My son could barely move his arms to pick up a glass of water.  That is not normal!  He looked at me weird and said the only thing he could think of was Mono but he didn’t think Andru had it (probably because he only had a minor sore throat and he didn’t have a fever).

Surprise!  The results were Mono positive!

Monday, I had his pediatrician doing the same thing; but not only that, he was even doubting the last doctor because apparently he didn’t run the right test.  So, here’s where a helpful tip comes in.  When a doctor is testing for Mono, make sure they do the blood test that takes longer and not just the finger prick test.  It actually gives you levels that you can compare to these types of flare-ups that happen after the original diagnosis.  (I suppose I should caveat all of this and say that I’m no doctor, but I wish I’d known about all of this when Andru was diagnosed the first time)

His pediatrician decided to run the blood test and also to run a test to rule out childhood arthritis or anything more serious.  The more serious things were ruled out, but the Mono test came back with a level suggesting he has had Mono in the past.  If I had taken him on Thursday, the levels could have been higher, suggesting the virus is active right now.  Either way, I knew it was Mono-related on Thursday so I didn’t bother taking him in because there’s not a whole lot they can do for Mono.

Even though everyone else knows for sure now, it doesn’t change the fact that Andru will most likely be dealing with symptoms for up to the next six months.  However, he doesn’t get the usual symptoms.  And I suppose that’s my next bit of helpful information.  Everyone is different.  Different bodies do different things.  Not everyone is going to manifest an illness the same way.  I just wish doctors would be more aware of that when they are looking into strange symptoms that they can’t quite identify.  Oh yeah, and actually listen to the child and the parent.

Andru actually started feeling better on Tuesday and has been back in school and doing his normal childhood things, thank goodness.  A huge thank you to everyone who offered words of support on Monday.  They meant a lot to me!


6 thoughts on “Updates and hopefully helpful information about Mono

  1. I have been a hermit. So sorry to hear Andru was sick. And, patients/parents can be right. Sometimes we have to push really hard, be persistent, (shop around if possible).
    You did a fantastic job fighting for Andru — you knew him, you knew the symptoms, you knew what was up. Andru is lucky to have mother as dedicated and persistent as you. Hope he keeps on getting better every day.
    I’m posting my songs early — so I’m just linking to your main page — later, if I get a chance, I’ll link them to you lyrics.

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