Mindful Monday – Living in the past is far from helpful

I had a revelation today and I’m thinking it had something to do with Bee’s post over at A Spirit of Healing.  She posted some helpful links about positive affirmations (thanks Bee!!).  I believe in affirmations wholeheartedly, but Bee mentioned, and I’m noting, that we have so many thoughts that we aren’t even aware of that it is hard to make significant changes when it seems you’re working against yourself.

I’ve talked about that one summer that I worked out really hard and saw significant results in both how my body looked and my weight.  But what I realized today is that I went into that summer not really caring about how I looked or my weight.  I even remember telling friends that I wasn’t doing it for weight loss or anything other than wanting to run Tough Mudder with my sister and feeling really good working out.

I then went through a hell of a year last year and stopped working out and had surgery and a whole host of other things that left me significantly heavier than I want to be and feeling like I have to do something!

But it’s almost like I’m working against myself.  I don’t know how many times I tell myself that I don’t like how I look and working out is hard and on and on… It far outweighs the good things I say to myself.  And I’m wondering if that has something to do with my results…

Not only do I believe in positive affirmations, I’m also a huge believer in living in the present moment.  So, why have I been living in the past?  I think it’s hard to let go of that time when you were you’re skinniest or happiest or whatever it is that you hold on to as the pedestal you are no longer on and are having a hard time reaching again.

How many of us have a number in our heads – that weight we were at when we were in high school…? How realistic is that at 40, 50 or older?  Maybe for some people it is and I’m also sure there are those who have weighed relatively the same their whole life.  I’m not one of those people.  And I think it’s time to start letting that one summer go so I can focus on the here and now.

I love the me I am right now.  This will be my mantra anytime I hold my current standard up to that one summer or any other time in my life that isn’t this moment right now.





This post is part of Mindful Monday hosted by Colleen at Silver Threading.



5 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Living in the past is far from helpful

  1. I think your thoughts on living in the past are important. We are who we are and have become over the years. Maybe just accepting where we stand right now helps more to get where we want to be than any goals we can set ourselves 🙂

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  2. Loved your post. You know your body, and you know how you want to look. When you start looking at the past negatively go to your affirmations. Live each day as if it were your last. Love you sweet girl!!

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