SoCS – Being open to failure, even when writing a blog post…

I read a prompt yesterday for some flash fiction and it has buried itself deep in my psyche and I can hardly think of anything else.  It’s been a while since I wrote some flash fiction longer than 100 to 200 words and I think this might be my brain’s way of telling me I need to let my creative juices fly.

All that means is that I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to write about for this post today.  “Be” is such a wide open theme, after all; but that’s just me making excuses.  I don’t think it would have mattered what it was today.

The only thing that came to mind was my step-son’s obsession with a UPS delivery lately.  You know the old saying “be careful what you wish for?”  Haha, you know what?  That saying doesn’t even fit what I was going to say because he didn’t wish to miss his package.  Geez, my brain really isn’t in this one today.

But, I’ve already started and I can’t erase it and start over no matter how much I might want to.  Those are the rules.

But the story I was going to tell was that he missed a UPS package delivery on Thursday because he spent much of the day at the doctor’s office due to an emergency.  He’s fine, but he did have to have a tiny surgical procedure done yesterday.  The funniest part about it was his obsession with UPS.  Jaxon ended up not having school so he asked Jaxon to keep an ear out for the delivery guy.

My fiance and step-son were joking that he couldn’t go to the bathroom, though, because the UPS delivery guy always shows up when you go to the bathroom.

I was literally texting Jaxon most of the morning and he was waiting for it the whole time… or so I thought.  When my step-son came out of surgery, he must have checked his phone at a certain point and realized UPS had tried to deliver once again and no one was home.  My question to Jaxon was, “What were you doing it 11:20?”

“Oooops, I was in the shower…”

Isn’t that always the way though?

But that isn’t “be careful what you wish for”, it’s more like jinxing yourself or setting yourself up for failure.  And that really has nothing to do with “be”.

So, this post has pretty much failed today, but at least I wrote something and hopefully it gave you all a chuckle.  It sure makes me chuckle when I think about it.

This thoroughly random and somewhat failed post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt was “be”.  Please feel free to click the link and join in the fun.



6 thoughts on “SoCS – Being open to failure, even when writing a blog post…

  1. I once had a birthday card (I have no idea what it had to do with birthdays, but anyway) that said, “The shower was invented in 1810, and the telephone in 1876. That means you could have spent 66 years in the shower without worrying about missing a phone call.” Or something like that. I think I got that for my 20th birthday, so you can see what kind of an impact it made. 😛
    Nice post. Some of the ones we think to ourselves are the worst are the ones everyone else likes the best. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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