Creativity and TV Shows

It wasn’t until recently, maybe in the last few years, that I realized I watch certain types of shows on television.  I’m not really one for comedies, necessarily, although I’m not against watching them.  I also don’t really like shows that have too much drama and if they do have drama, I like it to be on the light side.

That isn’t to say that I don’t watch drama… I do.  Some of my favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Dexter and The Game of Thrones.  But when I say I watch those shows, I also admit that I can only watch “so much” of those shows.  I definitely can’t binge watch any of them, and when I found myself doing that in the past, I always paid for it emotionally.

I really do enjoy good writing (which I believe each one of them have in spades), but I also enjoy shows that don’t take themselves too seriously.  My fiance decided to start watching Lucifer this season and I was really skeptical at first, but honestly, I really like the show.  It’s pretty ridiculous for the most part, but honestly, I consider it good fun.  I laugh multiple times when I watch it and it honestly just makes me happy.  I guess I wasn’t too surprised, though, that there is some sort of petition going around to have it banned.  Does anyone else find that ridiculous, or is it just me?

For the most part, though, I enjoy shows that feature creativity.  I can’t honestly believe I’m admitting this, but here is the top list of shows I watch that are based on creativity:

  • Face Off
  • Project Runway
  • Ink Master
  • The Voice
  • Chopped
  • Top Chef (When it’s actually on, although I haven’t seen a new episode in a while)

They are all different types of creativity, to be sure, but I’m always amazed at other types of creativity that I don’t have the talent for like drawing, making clothes and cooking.  There was a point in my life where I thought I might sing, but honestly, that is so hard, and I can’t but bow before the greatness of those who can belt out a song.

Maybe I’m fooling myself in thinking that other types of creativity are hard when writing has its own set of difficulties…

What about you?  What types of shows do you watch in your free time?

10 thoughts on “Creativity and TV Shows

    • I’m not a huge fan of classic TV, to be honest, but I can see the appeal. 🙂 I used to love watching game shows, but they don’t appeal to me as much anymore. I suppose a lot of what I like are “game show” like though… 🙂


  1. I grew up watching Knight Rider, MacGyver and Airwolf… simple but fun stories and the heroes never crossed the line! Now you have anti-heroes and Jack Bauer (from 24) ..! It feels as if it’s all too overly realistic and the entertainment factor gets overtaken by too much intensity (or maybe I’m just over thinking it!:)) But I enjoy watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Flash (finally a good hero!:))

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  2. Well give me any sci-fi, fantasy or crime series and I am happy. Well, not any of course but I like a lot of them. After I had a thing for Grimm last year this year itvis The Shannara Chronicles. I read the books and have to say the series is pretty close :-). That reminds me: I forgot watching it last night. I was reading the book 🙂

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    • I like sci-fi but sometimes it seems like they can be over complicated. And then they drag the storylines on. I think Dexter could have ended with season 5 and the Walking Dead is definitely dragging. I might have to look into the Shannara Chronicles. 🙂

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      • I think they might do that with many series. I think that about Grimm. That’s why I stopped watching after the 3rd series


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