SoCS – Language and Innuendo

There are times when I read the prompt and an idea pops into my head, but I immediately dismiss it for any number of reasons.  The only problem with that is I tend to not be able to think of anything else except for that original idea.  Today was one of those times, and as soon as I thought of the idea, I said, “I can’t do that because other people might take it wrong.”

The worst part about the thought is that I’ve never claimed to have a, I don’t know, politically correct? blog.  I did change my settings from G to PG a few months back, if that helps.  But I’ve decided to go ahead with the original idea, and if swear words and things like that bother you, then you can tune in next time.

I don’t know when “balls” became a swear word in my house, but I actually use that word way more than I should.  It has replaced “shit” and “damn” which I suppose would be all fine and dandy except when it slips out while I’m at work.  I’m not sure any kind of swearing is appropriate at work, but there’s just something about that particular word that is even more inappropriate for the workplace.  I suppose swear words are deemed inappropriate by many people, but I say it’s all language and sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a little.

Isn’t it funny how certain words or phrases can be taken in a completely wrong sort of way?  The whole innuendo thing… it’s pretty commonplace in my house, which is pretty tough for me to admit given my childrens’ ages.  There are times when Andru will take a completely innocent sentence and say, “That sounds weird”, which is his code for “that has sexual undertones”.  Sometimes he’s right and we all have a good laugh about it.  Other times, I think he’s just trying to get a rise out of people.

I can’t even remember where I heard “balls, balls, balls”, but Andru picked it up and whenever someone says the word ball or balls, he will pipe in with that phrase.  He learned it from me, I’ll admit, which I suppose some would say I should be ashamed about, but I’m actually really not.

Language is a funny thing.  My fiancé speaks Farsi  and sometimes he will say something and tell me what it means, but then he will tell me the direct or literal translation, which is always so weird, but it actually makes sense in an odd sort of way.  I guess all languages have their little quirks.  All languages also have their profanities and I, for one, am going to use them because all language is beautiful.  And sometimes you just need a “colorful” word to describe whatever it is you are feeling or trying to say.

Note: I’ve had the hardest time coming up with a title for this post.  I really wanted to do “Balls, Balls, Balls” but I decided to go with something much more safe. 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt is “ball”.  Feel free to click the link and join us in our stream of consciousness writing.



10 thoughts on “SoCS – Language and Innuendo

  1. We tend to use “balls” as a physically descriptive term, the more poetic “bollocks” having gradually replaced its more anatomically correct version when used as an exclamation of frustration etc.
    I don’t believe the expression has fully made the transatlantic crossing to your side of the pond yet, but I have slowly been converting my American friends to its usage, because there’s nothing like some good Anglo-Saxon vernacular when you really need to express yourself. ;~}

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