SoCS – This weather though…

This is the time of year when my body freaks out about the changing in weather and it’s hard to stay warm, even though it’s actually warming up outside.  I think it has a lot to do with what to wear.  If you think about it, in the fall, the temperatures are relatively the same as they are in the Spring – going from really hot to cooler temperatures.  But those are the times when you start breaking out the boots and sweaters.

During the Spring, the opposite happens.  I’ve started wearing sandals, but it isn’t quite warm enough to warrant them, so my feet end up being cold all day, which basically means I’m cold all day.  But the boots are almost too warm.  Isn’t it weird how 50 degrees in the Spring is so much warmer than 50 degrees in the fall?

I enjoy living in a state that has pretty much all four seasons, but it plays havoc with my body temperature and staying comfortable.

The one thing I’m excited about this year is hiking.  I keep looking up at the mountains and seeing the snow line get higher and higher and I can’t wait until it gets to a point where we can go.  I started in March last year, which basically means we were hiking in snow, but it was so much fun!  We had more snow this winter, though, so I’m not sure hiking in March is going to be a thing this year.  Plus, I really have this feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Winter.

A few weeks ago, it had been really warm for a few days and all the sudden, this huge storm blew in during lunch.  I literally woke up to sunshine and birds and by noon, it was gray and bitter.  I ended up running to grab something to eat right when the clouds burst.  It wasn’t just fluttery, pretty snow either.  It was hail!  I posted on Facebook that it was like Winter was telling Spring to wait it’s turn in a bitter and not so nice way.

It was about three hours later when I looked out the window again, and the storm was gone.  In it’s place was sunshine and blue skies.  And that to me was like Spring giving Winter a huge hug in response.

Weather can be strange, can’t it?

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday hosted by Linda G. Hill.  Today’s prompt was “This and that”.  Please feel free to click the link and join in the fun.


11 thoughts on “SoCS – This weather though…

  1. It can indeed. In German you call that April weather because changes like this happen or maybe happened usually in April. But nowadays you never know. Wish you good luck with your hiking.

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  2. Practically everywhere I’ve lived, the motto has been, “if you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour.” We’re almost at the time of the year where we have the heat on at night and the air conditioning during the day…

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