Mindful Monday and #LoIsInDaBl Day 15 – Surviving with Mindfulness

Mindfulness became a huge part of my life roughly eight years ago. I spent much of my twenties on depression medication and basically struggling through life. I’m not sure of the exact moment I decided to stop taking the meds or what specifically I read, but I started looking more into the Easter religions and meditation. I found that meditation did more for me than the meds ever did, especially when considering the side effects I was dealing with.

Since then, I’ve read some powerful books, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, to name just two of them. When you are focused on the present moment and take some time to look at what’s happening, rather than just reacting, it’s a pretty sure bet that you can figure out what’s going on. Nine times out of ten, there is something I need to change in order to make things better.

It’s helped with disagreements in my relationships because I don’t always think it’s the other person. I can also pinpoint why I reacted or blew up. It’s usually an internal thing. You know the whole saying that whatever is happening internally will be reflected on the outside? It’s usually true, but in order to notice it, you have to be mindful and aware. You can’t just react or blame everyone around you for whatever might be happening.

This, of course, doesn’t stop the bad things from happening. But I’d rather be in control of my life rather than walking through my life blaming everyone else or wondering “why me”.

Bee’s question was, “Do you love mindfulness?”

My answer is, “I couldn’t survive without it.”  But more than anything, it’s made me a happier, more balanced and definitely a stronger human being.

Love Is In Da Blog is hosted by Bee at Just Fooling Around With Bee. We are also combining today’s post with Mindful Monday hosted by Colleen at Silver Threading.


9 thoughts on “Mindful Monday and #LoIsInDaBl Day 15 – Surviving with Mindfulness

  1. What I love about your writings is that you use personal experiences that you have been through that have taught you how to go forward in your life. Thanks for sharing such an awesome message to all of us!!

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