SoCS and #LoIsInDaBl Day 13 – My Own Little Love Story

I’ve always considered myself a hopeful person, and when it comes to love, I’ve always had on what some might call “rose colored glasses”. I used to take that as an insult, but I don’t anymore. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to believe in love and to always hope that it will come along, even though life has shown you otherwise.

Given the sort of childhood I had, I went searching for love at a pretty young age and while I found it, it had other ideas at the time. But I didn’t give up hope and I kept trying. I believe I’ve always picked myself back up and kept on trying, even though love hasn’t always been kind to me.

But a few years ago, I was pretty jaded. I guess you could say I was tired. I swore I would never marry again because after three tries, I just felt like I was another statistic and it’s heartbreaking. I’m not a quitter, and yet, I’d had three failed marriages. Not only that, I was working a job I hated and living in a place that didn’t feel like home and I remember thinking to myself that something had to give. It just had to.

A friend recommended online dating to me and even though I was skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try. After all, I am that person who never gives up hope when it comes to love.

Little did I know that love was finally going to happen.

Has it been easy? Not even a little bit.

Have I thought of giving up? A few times, but love isn’t just a fairy tale. It requires work and even though I’m happy now, it will continue to require work.

About two months after I met my fiancรฉ (wow! that sounds pretty cool!), I decided to quit my job. I hated it and cried almost every day. It became something that wasn’t worth the struggle anymore. On the day I quit, I drove over to my fiancรฉ’s work and we went for a walk on a tree-covered path just outside his building. I was a mess, but he told me everything would be okay. I found out just this week that it was in that moment he realized that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

And that’s where we asked each other and exchanged rings. On that path.

Life can be tiring. Love can be heartbreaking and heavy, but if you work hard and never give up hope, it is worth it. I’m happier today than I’ve ever been in my life and I’m so happy I didn’t give up!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda G. Hill and Love Is In Da Blog is hosted by Bee at Just Fooling around with Bee. Linda’s prompt today was “tire”. I was going in a totally different direction when I sat down, but then our story just made its way onto the screen. I hope I’m not boring you all with my gushy love stuff. I’m just so happy it’s hard not to share it with the world!



20 thoughts on “SoCS and #LoIsInDaBl Day 13 – My Own Little Love Story

  1. Oh, Helen, that is so lovely. I am so glad for you to have found the right kind of “working” relationship ;-). And congratulations again. But I feel the same for my husband. You know he gave me a card today which says: See the smile on my face? …. you put it there :-). Have a great Valentines Day!

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  2. How very special you are, and what an awesome guy you have. Loved your writing.. You are right, never give up hope. It is wonderful to see how happy and content you are. Good luck to both of you in this new journey.

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