#LoIsInDaBl Day 2 – Kushiel’s Dart

One of the hardest changes I’ve had to adjust to with the new job is that I have to drive my car to work. It saves time in the day, but riding the train every day was my reading time and now I’m having a hard time finding that time in other areas of my life. I’m hoping I can add that back in at some point, but for now, it’s something I’m doing, but barely.

That being said, I’ve decided to post quotes from books I read a few years ago. I used to read romance novels all the time, but I believe Kushiel’s Dart and the whole series of books set in Terre D’ Ange changed all that for me.

I went from really light books to deep, amazing writing that left me breathless on many occasions. I’ve read other things by Jacqueline Carey, but none had the same effect on me as the Kushiel series. If you haven’t read them and you like epic fantasy novels with a twist, you will love these books. Each one is part of a trilogy centered around different people, but all in the same world. Simply amazing!

Just be prepared. Each one is anywhere from 700 to 900 pages, and I believe there are 9 in total. It’s a time commitment for sure.

I’m not able to open to a page at random because all my books are in storage, so I decided to look up some quotes on Goodreads and found one that fit the love theme for this month. (The quote featured on my blog is from this series as well…)

“There are those who are awkward in the face of sorrow, fearing to say the wrong thing; to them, I say, there is no wrong in comfort, ever. A kind word, a consoling arm … these things are ever welcome.”

Love Is In Da Blog is hosted by Bee at Just Fooling Around with Bee. Today’s prompt was “Books we love” which is also combined with Teaser Tuesday hosted by Jenn at A Daily Rhythm.



8 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBl Day 2 – Kushiel’s Dart

  1. I’m always looking for my next book to read. It’s about all I do now. I think I’ll give this series you are talking. about a try. Last year I read The Wheel of Time series which is 11 books.

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    • I have to warn you that the books do have sex and some extremely graphic situations. They are amazing and I highly recommend them but wanted to warn you just in case those things will bother you.

      I can’t believe you read The Wheel of Time series! Everything I’ve heard says they are very long. Lol. But I’ve also heard it’s a great series. 🙂


  2. Great post!! Reading is something I love. Dad & I read together every evening after our time in the temple, and it is such a neat way to relax. Love you sweet girl.

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