#LoIsInDaBl Day 1 – Balance (For the blog and my life)

Before I start today, I want to say thanks again to Linda for hosting Just Jot It January. I jumped on board for the first time last year and it really helped boost my blog into something new, but this year I managed to post every single day. Plus, I managed to keep some of the things I was already doing like Friday Fictioneers and Sunday Photo Fiction, so now I feel like I have a real direction for my blog and I’m excited to post.

I’m also really excited for the blog hop in February. I followed this one last year as well, but I really like the direction Bee has taken and I’m excited to get started. (I think I’ve overused “excited” at this point…)

I went through a lot of changes last year and there were a few months where my blog suffered a lot. I honestly have an unspoken goal this year to post something every single day, no matter what.

As my boyfriend is always telling me, I get so excited about new things that I end up overdoing it to the point that I can’t keep up the demand I’ve made on myself. For me, I have to focus on balance in order to make it all work.

In the last month, I feel like I’ve started to feel more balance in my life. I’m exercising more regularly again (with things I actually like to do), I’m writing on a daily basis and while I’m still in the learning process in the day job, I feel like that is even coming together.

I used to get so frustrated when I tried to write. I don’t have a designated area in the tiny house, so I’m usually on the couch right in the middle of everything going on. It was my excuse not to post many times in the past. One of my favorite Christmas presents from my boyfriend was a pair of noise canceling headphones. Now I can sit here listening to music while everything else is going on, and I can focus on writing. It has done wonders for my peace of mind and my blog.

I’m still trying to balance the difference in my life when the kids are here and when they aren’t, but I think that will always be a work in progress. What I believe I need is to not get so set on timing, but instead I just need to let things happen whenever and however they do. For example, I had to adjust my plans for tonight for my son’s football meeting, which meant I wasn’t able to attend my workout class. But instead of getting upset, I am focusing on what I can control.

I hope you all find balance in your life. I believe we all need it.

Love Is In The Blog is hosted by Bee at Just Fooling Around with Bee. She also asked us to combine Mindful Monday hosted by Colleen at Silver Threading. (It is my first time taking part in Mindful Monday, but I think it’s something I can totally jump on board!) Today’s prompt is “Mindful Self-Love”.



23 thoughts on “#LoIsInDaBl Day 1 – Balance (For the blog and my life)

  1. Ah…balance. I think that is something we are all trying to achieve. It is a struggle sometimes to just let go of what we cannot control, so thanks for the awesome reminder. I look forward to your blog everyday. It is a perfect way to end my day.

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  2. Hi Helen, thanks for taking part in #LoIsInDaBl. I can so understand how you feel about balance and doing new things. I am like that. I get excited, overdo it and then have a breakdown of some sort. But since I occupy myself more with Mindfulness I feel like I can accept more what is happening, and I can’t change while like you concentrating more on what I can control. Big changes truly ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Sounds like we’re made from the same DNA. I’ve had to change my “self” expectations many times as my illness progresses. It’s difficult but important to give yourself credit for succeeding in even the seemingly small things and begin again when you falter. You’re awesome, Helen. I look forward to reading more but no pressure.

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    • Haha, I almost didn’t want to write my daily post goal down because now it’s real and I will put pressure on myself to achieve it.

      I can only imagine how an illness takes what I’m talking about and magnifies it 100 times over. Just remember that no matter what, you are loved and even (more than ever, really) the small things matter.

      Thanks, Sis! Love you!


  4. HI, Helen! What a great surprise to read such an inspiring post about setting new life goals. Good for you. I love the idea of the noise canceling headphones! So cool! I think you are off to a magnificent start and we are glad to have you along for the ride! Now you have an excuse to write! LOL! โค

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  5. Balance is not only important, it seems there are days when it’s essential for survival. Unfortunately those are the days it’s hardest to find it.
    Thanks very much for the mention, Helen and you’re welcome. It’s always my pleasure to inspire people to write. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. This is beautiful. I used to feel very imposed upon when my Accomplice came home from work, totally changing the rhythm of our day and my ability to write. No noise-canceling headphones for me, not while I have a girl who may need me at a moment’s notice, still, but I do have a little partitioned corner of our living room that I’ve made my study. There’s just a bamboo curtain to separate, but, when it’s closed, my family knows to knock on my bookcase “wall”.

    Finding a blend that works for my varying circumstances has been better for me than seeking balance, because balance is such a fine line. I have a variety of writing goals, of varying intensity, so there’s always something I can move forward. For instance, today is the second day of my Accomplice’s vacation, and our typical flow is different today. We’ll be making some changes to my study on Thursday, so I need to move a LOT of things to get ready for the improvements. That’s got me a bit unsettled, so, rather than dive into anything intense, I’m focusing on reading blogs, answering comments, weeding email, and the like. A bit later, I expect to do some rewriting and plotting that can be done in small chunks.

    May you find the balance or blend that works for you – and welcome to Mindful Monday, belatedly! =)

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