Sunday Photo Fiction and JustJoJan Day 31 – The Clumsy One


“Hurry up, my darling. You’re falling behind.”

Mother sounds stressed, but I know if I paddle any faster, I’ll end up face first in the water. It’s all I have to just keep upright and moving forward. I honestly don’t know why I ended up with the clumsy gene. At least I’m not the ugly one.

I’ve been concentrating so hard, I don’t realize how far away they all are.

“Mama,” I squeak loudly, hoping she will hear the fear in my voice and rush back for me. I know she’s always telling us we need to learn independence, but I’m too clumsy. I’m not big enough and I just can’t do it on my own! Why can’t she understand that?

“Mama!” I squeak louder this time because she’s so far away, I’m not sure she even heard the first one. I can feel my beak slipping in and out of the water and I know I’m starting to lose it. Just a few more waddles and I’ll be completely helpless.

Just when I think all is lost, she’s there, pushing me toward the others.

I’m never going to live this down, but at least my head’s still above water.

The rules for Sunday Photo Fiction are to write around 200 words in either poetry or story form based on the photo prompt. I also chose to combine Just Jot It January where today’s prompt, clumsy, was suggested by Judy at Edwina’s Episodes.

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